Hoodia Capsules – Less Is More

Hoodia Gordonii Capsule

Anyone vaguely concerned about their expanding waistline has at one point read about the benefits that the powder from this South African plant can provide.

The concept  of Hoodia Gordonii is incredibly simple to understand – and yet the sheer number and diversity of available Hoodia related diet products complicates matters to the extreme whereby the message has become clouded with doubt and suspicion.

The suspicion lies not in Hoodia generically but the ways in which some manufacturers promote their specific brands.

Hoodia in tablet or capsule form has now been complimented by several other methods of introducing the benefits into the system.

Patches, drinks and even chewable Hoodia have all been introduced into the market over the last few years – the potency of these products is questionable.

Raw powder taken from the Hoodia Gordonii plant is arguably the most effective natural appetite suppressant known to man – this, there is little doubt.

Raw Hoodia Powder – Reassuringly Expensive

This raw powder often referred to as p57 (or the p57 molecule) can take up to 4 years to process and does not come without a cost attached.

Premium products retain a premium price point – but can often be prone to imitation or replicas.

What Hoodia Did Oprah UseThe weight loss industry, just like any other is a competitive one. Some manufacturers use the association with Hoodia to their advantage – choosing to either combine tiny trace amounts of the genuine p57 powder with other filler ingredients or use the cheaper and largely ineffective Hoodia extract.

Another tactic is use Oprah Winfrey in the marketing material. Oprah (for the record) is not associated with any specific Hoodia brand.

“The fastest, most natural way to lose body fat is to reduce the amount of food consumed daily.”

Genuine Hoodia – How To Tell

If you are contemplating buying a Hoodia diet product – there are several things to look for to ensure you are buying an authentic product.

  • Raw Hoodia powder,  not extract – the raw powder has the appetite suppressing qualities, extract doesn’t.
  • Just one ingredient – look at the ingredients, if there are other ingredients included such as magnesium strearate – avoid!
  • Amount per capsule – a standard capsule can hold 400mg – 480mg of raw powder, if the product states 700mg or even 1000mg – its probably the less dense extract.
  • Oprah Winfrey – Oprah has stated that she has not used a specific Hoodia product – if the product draws attention to the Oprah association, ignore.
  • Cost – genuine Hoodia should be priced between £35 and £40 per one month supply (per packet or bottle) companies supplying sub £30 Hoodia capsules are either making a loss or supplying synthetic produce.

Buying Hoodia From The Internet

Hoodia is many forms is available to purchase the high street as well as online via the web.

The internet can often produce a lack of transparency where some companies are concerned. If you decide to make a purchase via the web ensure that a telephone number is clearly on display.

In your haste to purchase something it is important to remember that sometimes you may need to contact the company that has sold you the product – without contact details you may find yourself in a precarious position.