7-DFB Diet Pill Review

7DFBYet another fat burner that tries to engage the emotions with tag lines such as “lose 7  to 14lbs in just one week.”

The 7 Day Fat Burner or 7-DFB as it is affectionately known, is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to get existed about.

It seems to be targeted towards the US market where consumers are less cynical than a UK audience and so products such as this as well as the  365 Day Diet Pill and the 72 Hour Diet Pill seem to thrive.

There seems to be a connection with two other slimming supplements; Orovo and Lipovox where an added advantage or something else is thrown into the equation.

The 7-DFB is not just aimed at weight loss but the detox and cleanse market as well.

What Is The 7 Day Fat Burner

This fat burner comprises mainly of natural substances that when combined produce a natural diuretic effect. So not really a fat burner but a slimming supplement for removing excess water from your system… or put another way –  making you go to the toilet.

What Is In The 7DFB

Just about everything you can imagine – over 35 ingredients.It would be far easier to list the ingredient that are not present.

A cautionary warning about diet pills that seem at first glance to contain a mixture of the so called superfoods (Acai berries, Alfalfa, Juniper berries, Flaxseed etc..) just because a substance is present is does necessarily mean it is present in the right quantity. The tiniest trace of a superfood will not be beneficial in the slightest.

7 Day Fat Burner Side Effects

The 7DFB does contain all natural ingredients and so should not produce much by way of harmful or serious side effects. As with a majority of diuretics it is advised to drink plenty of fluids so to replace those that have been flushed away.

Unfortunately the most disapointing side effect that is usually experienced is very little actual weight loss.

Does The 7 Day Fat Burner Work

In truth, you will probably notice a reduction of a few pounds more or less straight away. This is just excess water and it is highly likely you will those pounds straight back on again.

Customer Feedback

The official site does tend to rate its product pretty highly – the testimonials on the official website, as you would expect are positive. Elsewhere though there are complaints and dissatisfied customers who cannot contact the company responsible to take advantage of the money back guarantee.

Where To Buy 7 Day Fat Burner

Either from the official website (which isn’t too difficult to find) – failing that just about everywhere including eBay.

Other Diet Pills

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Phen375 retains the appetite suppression ingredient coupled with a powerful fat burning agent.

Phen375 is made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients but available to buy without prescription.

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