Anatherm Diet Pill Review

High street health retailer Holland and Barrett seem to be investing resources in their own line of branded products in preference to third party branded diet pills.

Anatherm is the latest addition to appear both in selected branches and via their official website.

Most things that carry the Holland and Barrett label are of a high calibre and difficult to ignore. The new regulations put in place by the EU recently have resulted in the disappearance of several long established brands so it appears that H and B are not relying on third party products to ensure their claims and advertising material is up to standard.

What is Anatherm

There is very little specific information available on the product other than it is a thermogenic fat burner that works by raising the body’s metabolism allowing calorie expenditure.

This is the same mechanic of action of a large majority of current fat burners currently in circulation.

The ingredients list contains: Black pepper extract, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea and Guarana – the ingredient that creates the most interest is cayenne pepper.

There have been many articles, features and documents written recently about the positive effect that cayenne pepper can have on the weight loss process.

Does Anatherm Cause Side Effects

Judged purely on the ingredient list there is nothing present that should cause concern. It is almost a “gimmee” that the people at Holland and Barrett have adopted their usual stance of safety first.

Where To Buy Anatherm

The most obvious stockist is of course Holland and Barrett both via the high street branches and online – but also Anatherm has been spotted on eBay.

Without wishing to go into absolute specifics, it is highly recommended to avoid buying ingestible products (tablets, pills and capsules) from eBay unless the source is from the products vendors own official eBay store.

Does Anatherm Work – Is It Recommended

There is very little information on the product with regard to consumer feedback, comments and testimonials. Our initial thoughts when reviewing the product when we inspected the ingredient list was “How does it compare to Capsiplex”

The thermogenic fat burner market does appear to have a benchmark to which all others are compared.

If you trust the Holland and Barrett brand then we certainly wouldn’t advise against but if you are looking for something with a pedigree and proven level of success then be sure to consider Capsiplex.