Appexit Appetite Suppressant

Every diet pill on the market today works in one of three ways. It either decreases your hunger, helps you burn fat more effectively or binds to the fat molecules and allows them to pass through your system without being processed by your body.

Most of the popular and effective products include a combination of all three techniques to help you lose the weight you need. Appexit breaks this rule and only concentrates on controlling your hunger.

While this is a critical component of a successful diet, there are a slew of other products that offer this advantage and will also help you burn existing fat more quickly.

Glucomannan is a key ingredient in the recently introduced commercial diet pill, Nuratrim.

Nuratrim is not only an appetite suppressant but also includes 3 other ingredients that are advertised to burn fat, reduce cholesterol and increase the metabolism.

Nuratrim has been featured in the Daily Mail and Daily Express after claims that it can reduce daily calorie consumption by 380 per day.

How Does Appexit Work

To help you control your appetite, Appexit contains a compound called glucomannan (or Konjac Root). This ingredient reacts with the liquid in your stomach to expand slightly and give you the feeling of being full.

Your stomach acids slowly dissolve the material and process it through your digestive tract like other foods. The key is that it tricks your stomach into thinking you’re fuller than you are by replacing the food you would normally eat.

This material contains no calories and will take the place of other food you would have been tempted to eat in response to your body’s normal call for food.

This same compound is currently available in a wide range of other diet products and has been proven to be effective for most people in reducing their hunger. The main problem with Appexit as a product is that it only offers this one advantage.

Most other products include additional supplements that help you burn your exiting fat deposits more effectively or protect the lean muscle mass in your body while dieting. Appexit is simply an appetite suppressant and requires you to use other products to accomplish these other things.

To be completely fair, Appexit also includes a small component of Chromax that can help reduce the craving for foods that are high in carbohydrates. While this may improve the suppression of hunger in some people, the other ingredient does most of the work.

The one main advantage that Appexit has over other products that are appetite suppressants is its higher dose of these two chemicals. Most clinical trials show both of these ingredients to be effective in helping to control hunger and Appexit includes dosages that are slightly higher than what was required to see these effects in most patients.

This higher dose means that you’ll see the intended effects of these compounds with this product. Some diet pill companies include these ingredients in their formulations but the dosage is lower than needed by most patients to be effective.

Does Appexit Work – Is It Recommended

If you are trying to lose weight and looking for an effective appetite suppressant, Appexit can help you control your hunger.

While it contains proven ingredients to accomplish this, there are dozens of other products on the market that do the same thing and can also help you lose weight in other ways.

For the same cost you can easily find a competing product that will reduce your desire to eat and amplify your weight loss at the same time. This will provide a more effective diet supplement that can deliver the results you desire more quickly than simply taking Appexit alone.

Where To Buy Appexit In The UK

Very focused towards the United States, it unlikely to found in UK high street stockists such as Boots, Holland and Barrett etc.. The most obvious stockist would be the official website.

Alternative Appetite Suppressant

As mentioned above Nuratrim aids weight loss on 4 fronts by helping to reduce appetite, burn excess body fat, lower cholesterol and increase the metabolic rate.

It is made from all natural ingredients including glucomannan, Licorice, green coffee extract and capsicum.

Nuratrim is more focused towards a UK consumer (although media stories featured US celebrity Kim Kardashian as keen advocate.

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