Didrex Diet Pill Review

Didrex is a drug often prescribed to assist people in losing weight. The drug is based around the main active ingredient called benzphetamine.

Any medications that utilize this ingredient are normally named sympathomimetic amines, which means they are chemicals that work in a similar way to amphetamines.

GP’s prescribe Didrex to assist patients who suffer with obesity to shed pounds more resourcefully.

Losing weight is often a struggle for lots of individuals. Whenever fatigue and hunger cravings lead dieters to falter in their attempts, this tablet is meant to aid them.

It aims to quell all of the symptoms sufficiently to enable dieters to still adopt the correct meal and workout habits which are required for reducing the body’s excess fat.

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How Does Didrex Work To Aid Weight Loss

Effectively, this pill operates by arousing your central nervous system and raising your heart rate and blood pressure levels so that appetite suppression results.

Nonetheless, Didrex won’t result in weight loss when used in isolation. Just taking the tablet will not lead to any reduction in fat. Rather, the prescribing GP will either advise specific exercise and diet regimes, or (s)he will send the patient to a nutritionist, dietitian, and / or personal trainer who will help to build a healthy and safe routine to gain the best weight loss benefits from the drug.

This tablet is only designed to be utilized in the short term – whilst these healthy routines are being adopted. Normally, this involves no more than three weeks of use. The same patient can take this drug again, although there has to be a gap in-between the usage periods to prevent the development of any dependency or tolerance to the drug’s effectiveness.

Didrex is a prescription diet drug – it can only be obtained from a GP is he or she thinks that you are a legitimate candidate.

The Side Effects Of Didrex

Although Didrex can sometimes be a useful weight loss treatment for certain patients, it shouldn’t be utilized by many dieters. This is due to the fact that it can clash with certain medical conditions and medicines.

Make sure you talk to your GP about any health problems you’ve got and the other prescriptions, nutritional, herbal or over-the-counter treatments you might be taking. This is more likely to eradicate any possibility of exacerbating those problems which might cause discomfort, or even death.

Can I Buy Didrex Over The Counter In The UK

The short and answer is not, it cannot be purchased in the likes of Boots, Superdug or any high street chemist or pharmacy.


You should not take Didrex without carefully considering the risk involved or without talking to your GP about whether the advantages will be worth it. Should your GP have prescribed Didrex to you, be sure to take it strictly according to the prescription label’s instructions.

Before you take the drug, read the instructions thoroughly and understand them. Should you have any queries, get them addressed prior to taking the tablets. If you don’t remember what the instructions mean, or if you are worried at any stage, talk to your pharmacist or GP.

This product will probably work at first but, once it’s discontinued, your metabolic rate will go back to its’ original state.

This is particularly true if you don’t incorporate other crucial changes into your exercise and diet routines.

Alternative Diet Pills

There are several diet pills that are non chemical based that are available to buy without the need of  prescription.