Body Strategist Abdomen Patches UK

The Body Strategist Abdomen Patch is receiving lots of publicity largely due to newspaper report that suggest that you can get flatter abs in just a month.

The articles are further emboldened by linking British athletics golden girl, Jessica Ennis to the product.

The abdomen patch is formulated from suaeda maritime a natural ingredient harvested from a type of seaweed found in North West europe that helps break down compound fats and lipids in the abdomen area.

Without wishing to delve too deeply into the products finer workings is uses hydrogel technology and a self-heating action.

‘The newly introduced Body Strategist Patch is an innovative product that works perfectly to tone and flatten the abdomen.

Jessica Ennis (winner of the gold medal in the Heptathlon) has a very toned and defined abdomen and was voted to have the most desirable stomach in Britain in a recent poll.

She is one of the most instantly recognisable images from the London Olympics.

The big question is can we get a body like Jessica’s without having to commit hours at the gym training – apparently so if Comfort Zone (the manufacturers) are to be believed.

How To use

Weight loss patches are very easy to use simply apply to the stomach area once a day and forget. The ingredient get absorbed into the skin by something called transdermal delivery.

This helps the ingredients activate more quickly by bypassing the stomach and getting directly into the blood stream.

Where To Buy Body Strategist Abdomen Patch

Can be purchased via several online stockists but surprisingly hardly any via the UK high street (Boots, Superdrug and major high street chemists)

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