Suppress Appetite And Reduce Calories

Calorie Reduction And Fat Loss

Suppress appetite an reduce daily calorie consumptionAppetite suppressants or suppressing appetite is generally accepted to be one of the most effective, quickest and safest ways to reduce daily calorie consumption and ultimately lead to a slimmer you.

The most obvious benefit of reducing your daily calorific consumption is a reduction of  newly introduced fat from food consumed. Eat less food at less regular intervals and your bathroom scales will make for good viewing.

The average daily calorie intake for men is around 2200 with women needing just 1800 – although body mass, physique and other attributes have to be taken into consideration.

Weight loss and fat loss often gets misinterpreted – although similar in genre, weight loss is the reduction of body weight which is often temporary through expelling excess water, whereas fat loss is the reduction of fat content which is considerably more permanent.

Living On The Edge Of Hunger

Suppressing Your Appetite

There are some schools of thought that suggest living on the edge of hunger does not only significantly reduce daily calorie consumption but prolong human life.

Without delving to deeply into this thesis spending days or weeks with a feeling of hunger is not the most sensible thing to do.

Rather than live on the edge of hunger, control it.

Suppressing appetite is the oldest technique centred around training your body to expect less food. Although these origins were not originally focused on preventing obesity, quite the opposite.

Hoodia appetite suppressant in South AfricaOne of the oldest natural substances known to man to be used for suppressing appetite is Hoodia Gordonii – a cactus like plant.

Hoodia has hundreds of years of usage dating back centuries if not millenniums – Southern African tribesmen native to the Kalahari region would take powder from the Hoodia and eat to prevent hunger pangs while on long hunting trips while food was scarce.

The powder from the Hoodia plant would enable the tribesman to last for days without feeling quite so many negative effects that could be associated with food deprivation.

It was as  recent as the mid nineties that the western world  cottoned on to the fact that Hoodia powder could be used to curb appetite not due to lack of food but abundance.

BBC Introduces Hoodia To The Western World

It was a BBC report that first brought Hoodia Gordonii to the forefront of media attention in the western civilized world – a decade on and man has yet to discover a more potent substance for suppressing appetite.


The pharmaceutical world has produced several substances that can create the same effect but the removal of a product called Acomplia, in recent times, amid safety concerns has further pushed the natural Hoodia to an higher plain.

Anyone remotely concerned about their expanding waistline and sought a commercially available diet product will have no doubt read the stories of the African tribesman and their greatest treasure – some may even have sampled.

A high majority of commercial products that contain or claim to contain Hoodia Gordonii either do not or contain a diluted Hoodia extract rather than the raw Hoodia powder.

The Uk is blessed with not only a legitimate Hoodia product but one that contains possibly the highest concentration of Hoodia powder found anywhere in the world.

Unique Hoodia is not so much unique as in out of the ordinary – it is unique in so much as it has remained loyal to the whole ethos behind Hoodia.

A raw powder diet product that does not contain any filler ingredients or additives.

If you want to control your calorie consumption then appetite suppressing is natural, effective and not prone to ill effects.



Zotrim Herbal Diet Pills

Zotrim herbal weight loss aidZotrim is the dual action weight loss aid that acts as an appetite suppressant and provides and energy boost.

It encourages you to eat less and do more.

The message that Zotrim tries to promote is less calories in and more calories out!

It is aimed at a UK consumer and fairly well known on the high street but remains pretty much an unknown quantity in the USA. This is a real pity as its clinical study into its efficacy is unrivaled and backed up in no small way thanks to a particular Watchdog type BBC programme presented by Professor Regan.

Diet Clinic BBC2 April 2009, featured the claims (mostly unsubstantiated) made by the leading high street diet pill manufacturers with brands such as Lipobind, Adios, Alli and Appesat (as well as Zotrim) coming under scrutiny.

Does Zotrim WorkThe BBC’s Diet Clinic statement:

“The only high street diet product which could show a clear link between weight loss and their product was a herbal diet pill, called Zotrim, which makes you feel full.

Their research had been published in a reputable journal and conducted with a control group to compare any placebo effect.”

Zotrim Clinical Study

The British Food Journal and Kings College London are among several high profile establishments responsible for publishing documents verifying the appetite suppressing effect, weight reduction and safety of Zotrim.

Zotrim Success Stories And Testimonials

Zotrim success storiesZotrim have their fair share of success stories – one particular, features  a case study of a busy mother of two who lost 4 stone over a two year period.

Contrary to a majority of competitive brands, Zotrim shy away from celebrity endorsement preferring the real life and largely more believable success stories.

How Does Zotrim Work

The official Zotrim UK website states…

If too much food is causing a weight issues, Zotrim has been created to help you reduce food intake. Zotrim could work to help you feel full more quickly during a meal and for longer afterwards. This will help you to eat less during meals and avoid snacking.

The plants used in Zotrim are well known for their invigorating properties. Zotrim may also help you to be more active and to burn more calories.

Zotrim Side Effects

If taken as prescribed it is highly unlikely to cause an adverse reaction

Does Zotrim Work

The BBc2 programme has  shaken the high street “over the counter” diet pill industry. High street stockists such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda have had to rethink how they allocate and display the various brands.

Prior to the Diet Clinic programme Zotrim was given a backseat while high performing brands such as Lipobind and the new “miracle diet pill” Alli given the lionshare and premier shelf space.

It appears that of all the diet pills regularly found in store – it is only Zotrim that does what it says on this tin.

Where To Buy Zotrim

Buy Zotrim DirectZotrim can be purchased in store at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Customers can also buy Zotrim direct at discount from the official Zotrim authorised reseller website


Suppress Appetite And Lose Weight

Diet Pills That Suppress Appetite

How to suppress appetiteOne the most obvious ways to lose weight is to eat less. Or at least take on less calories than you consume.

This equation is understood by virtually everyone (or should be) who has a problem with their weight – so why is it that many of choose to ignore this most simple of calculations and search for an easier weight loss method?

For most of  us, we do not have the first clue as to how many calories we consume on a daily basis nor do we understand how many we expel.

If an overweight or obese person were to keep a tab on their daily calorific intake and ensure that it kept to the average – gradual, natural weight loss would follow.

The problem here is what is  average? What is the average calorific intake for the average person – who is the average person? Get the calculation slightly wrong and months of calorie counting will not reduce your weight or body mass – you will be no further to reaching your weight loss target.

So how can we reduce the amount of food that we consume without trying to map out a mathematical equation that may not prove effective or sustainable.

We are told that certain foods are bad for us and some are high in fats and have the potential to increase our weight and body fat exponentially. This is where appetite suppressants enter the equation.

Read Reviews Of Appetite Suppressants

Appetite Suppressants

An appetite suppressant can physically reduce the amount of food that you want to eat – not what you want to eat. One of the biggest reasons why a diet may fail is due to the thought of uninspiring low calorie food and a restraint on the foods that we enjoy.

curb overeatingIf you were to suppress your appetite you could still eat all of the foods that you enjoy – but less in quantity.

Appetite suppressants work (in layman terms) by causing your brain to send a signal to your stomach to tell it that is full and does not require any food. Will power (or lack of it) is the number one cause of over eating and subsequent weight gain.

The choice and availability of appetite suppressants in the diet pill market, both via prescription and over the counter or high street  is plentiful – reducing this down to effective appetite suppressants limits the choice to probably a handful.

Using diet pills in attempt to lose weight can be hit and miss – for every effective diet pill there are a dozen others that flatter to deceive and disappoint.

If an appetite suppressant is something appeals the preferable route to take would be to make an appointment with your GP or doctor – he or she will discuss your options.

Appetite Suppressants Via Prescription

There are several appetite suppressants available on the NHS by prescription – Your GP or doctor will not prescribe on your say so. You will have to have a very high Body Mass Index (BMI) and have shown a real concerted effort to lose weight by trying to diet.

GP’s and doctors opinions vary greatly on the subject of diet pills. Some GP’s do not advocate the use of any diet pills or weight loss medication preferring other more physical focused methods of controlling weight.

The most common prescription appetite suppressants are

  • Bontril
  • Meridia
  • Reductil
  • Phentermine

One notable absentee is Acomplia Rimonabant –  Acomplia has been removed from the market (late 2008) amid health and safety fears. The important thing to remember with prescription appetite suppressants is that are chemically produced drugs and can cause side effects – for this reason it is very important to only obtain from a GP or doctor so that can administer under strict supervision.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

The prescription appetite suppressants are produced by pharmaceutical companies  and a world apart from the more herbal and natural substances. There are many different products available via the over the counter market -in either the high street of via the internet

The most common and best know natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is  a natural (cactus like plant) substance that can suppress appetite without any ill feeling or side effect.

natural hoodia appetite suppressantHoodia can be quite expensive as it takes 4 years to grow, harvest and make ready for commercial resale.

If this is not your first exploration into the appetite suppressant market – you have more than likely come across Hoodia during your research. You will have noticed the variable price.

There are several dozen US (and UK more recently) Hoodia suppliers advertising Hoodia very cheaply. It is highly probable that the product contained is not an authentic Hoodia product or not produced from raw Hoodia powder.