Best Selling Diet Pill In The UK

There are occasions where popularity and product effectiveness are in tune – none better displayed than in the diet pill industry. A product’s popularity does tend to reflect its propensity to work.

Over the last several months a clear indication as to what are becoming the UK’s best selling diet pills are starting to immerge with a handful of products starting to distance themselves from the pack.

One in particular spearheads.

Capsiplex is an ever present on virtually every “best diet pill” scenario or feature – it really cannot be emphasised enough the impact this product has had on the diet pill industry.

Introduced quite spectacularly in 2009 it has created a whole sub-genre with many copycat products released trying associate themselves with the “chili diet pill” concept.

“Capsiplex sold 50,000 units before its actual release date”

The creation of Scottish based privately owned Advanced Health, who would have though that a commercial diet pill would be responsible for such hysteria prior to its release that the national press would devote just as many column inches to it as normally reserved for the lastest iPhone. (Picture left depicts original bottle design)

Capsiplex sold 50,000 bottles before its actual release date with a reported 1 million bottles shipped after just 6 months. One and half years since its introduction its sales are still accelerating.

“40 minutes of cycling… or use Capsiplex”

Capsiplex is a fat burner and uses the heat from capsicum to raise the core temperature of the body to create a thermogenic effect – is it estimated that using Capsiplex can help you to burn in excess of 280 calories per day.

There have been many case studies, testimonials and diet success stories featuring Capsiplex with some A list celebrities from Hollywood’s elite (Brad Pitt???) amongst its more famous clientele – more recently former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett donned the Capsiplex T-shirt to attribute her recent weight loss to the fat burner.

One marketing angle that is used to good effect to underline its potential is –  would you rather endure 40 minutes of cycling… or use Capsiplex.

If the absolute truth be told, although Capsiplex credentials stack up, it is the whole entourage that its customers buy into – Capsiplex seems to have that X factor that a vast majority of the competition are missing.

If popularity could win a race Capsiplex would be standing on the podium soaked in champagne.

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