Chilli Pepper Great For Weight Loss

It seems not a week passes where a new diet or a new angle is introduced that can dramatically help us to control (if we need to0) our expanding waistlines.

The Daily Mail is in love with chilli pepper – several articles spanning the last few months have featured the fat burning and appetite suppressing potential of chilli peppers.

Chilli pepper (cayenne pepper) has been studied extensively over the last few decades by many of world universities with results leading to a resounding thumbs up.

The latest study undertaken by Purdue University, in Indiana revealed that introducing a sprinkling of cayenne pepper to your daily meal  “can reduce hunger and increase energy expenditure.

The concept of using chilli pepper as a method of weight control is well documented but the biggest problem was how to utilize this to maximum benefit without causing gastric irritation.

“Capsicum extract is extremely hot and the amount you’d need to take for effectiveness can be highly irritating to the stomach.”

Chilli peppers in its raw form is not pleasant to taste and can be irritating to the stomach – Scottish based company Advanced Health have come up with the solution.

Using a unique patented diet capsule with a special coating, Capsiplex gives you the maximum effectiveness of Capsaicinoids (chilli pepper) without any oral or stomach irritation.

Capsiplex has had unmitigated success with this product and surpassed all sales records in the UK and across Europe selling over 1 million units upon its first half a dozen months.

Capsiplex is designed to burn calories before, during and after partaking in exercise.

Scientific research has shown Capsiplex can help you to burn nearly 280 calories every day while using.

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