Dangers Of Colonic Irrigation

The media has picked up on several stories recently featuring the potential dangers of Colonic Irrigation.

Supposed advocates of the process include Brad Pitt, Barrack Obama and the late Princess of Wales.

Colonic Irrigation, also known as Hydrotherapy is said to aid weight loss by detoxifying and cleansing the body by literally flushing out toxins from within.

Although there are several differing methods of administering the treatment, perhaps the most familiar involves a tube inserted up into the colon in order to inject a solution – usually water based with herbs laxatives and other dietary supplements.

The solution is said to help rid the walls of the colon of caked on debris or residual faecal matter that could have been there for months even years that can cause a whole host of ailments as well as prevent some disease and conditions, not to mention bloating.

This has been practised for hundreds if not thousands of years and was first employed by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

Although there is a big justification for colon irrigations the methodology has been linked with some rather alarming side effects and potential dangers.

Side Effects And Dangers Of Colonic Irrigation

There appear to be several identified dangerous side effects that include damage to neurological function, sickness and nausea, infection, potential dehydration as well as kidney and liver failure – there is also a risk of damage to the colon through puncture.

Colonic Irrigation Recked My Life

For very proponent of Hydrotherapy there appears to be a strong view opposing. A recent feature in the Daily Mail highlighted one woman’s plight.

The woman in question was recommended by a friend to have the procedure, after the first visit she felt as though the process was a success with a bloating problem appearing to have diminished considerably.

Several sessions later she started to feel unwell to the extent when she felt necessary to visit her GP. Her GP examined her and after tests revealed that she was extremely low on potassium, a vital mineral that helps the kidneys function and digestive system operate healthily.

Her GP suggested that the most likely cause was that her repeated colonic irrigation sessions has flushed not only the toxins from her body but also vital minerals and vitamins.

You can read the full story “Colonic Irrigation Recked My Life” Here

Colonic Irrigation Our Opinion

Without being witness to the entire facts the editorial on the Daily Mail website does suggest that the woman in question had several sessions in a short space of time. To quote an extract  “therapist recommended a course of a treatment every week for a further five weeks”

To balance this article there do apear to be numerous studies concluding that hydrotherapy is safe but only in moderation.

Alternatives To Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation is not the only method of removing toxins from your body, there are various supplements that are available but just as with any other product group suffer from varying degrees of legitimacy and success.

Whatever method you choose to use do your research carefully, it is not just a question of expense but possible health implication.

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