Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia

Chocolate Banana Sida CordifoliaImagine if it were true – a diet pill that contained chocolate and banana.

Sadly “Chocolate Banana” refers to the brand name rather than the contents.

The main component is something called Sida Cordifolia, a relatively new and under used weight loss ingredient.

What Are Chocolate Banana Diet Pills

So not to confuse or excite – there is very little chocolate contained and very little banana, none in fact. Chocolate Banana is not a misnomer but the name of the company that produces the diet pill.

The Chocolate Banana diet pill contains mostly Sida Cordifolia, one of the UK’s most popular and best selling fat burning, energy boosting diet products.

Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia can help to reduce excess body fat through a process called thermogenesis.

What Is Sida Cordifolia

Sida Cordifolia is a natural herbal compound that is not just for weight loss – it has other medicinal benefits that can treat

  • Asthma, flu and breathing difficulties
  • Headache and nasal congestion
  • Aches and pains
  • Coughing and wheezing

Quite surprisingly the manufacturers of Chocolate Banana choose to ignore the above in their marketing material preferring to concentrate on its benefit to weight loss.

Chocolate Banana Sida Diet Pills

Sida Cordifolia has an association with the alkaloid Ephedrine – again, but this time  unsurprisingly the makers also ignore this.

Are Chocolate Banana Diet Pills Effective For Weight Loss

Sida Cordifolia may provide a health benefit for a multitude of other ailments but we guess you are interested in its weight loss potential.

” By raising the body’s metabolic rate, Sida Cordifolia helps your body burn off excess calories and increases energy levels. Your body reacts by behaving like you have eaten more so you feel less hungry in between meals.”

So basically a fat burner with a mild appetite suppressant.

Does It Work

There is little doubt that the Sida compound had a benefit to all round health and well being – but as far as weight loss is concerned it is just another fat burner.

Chocolate Banana Diet Pills Side Effects

Should not produce anything to concern in terms of a side effects – although some fat burners can cause insomnia, the jitters and feeling of unrest.

Is Chocolate Banana Worth Considering

If you are in need of a pick me up then consider – if weight loss is your main reason for purchasing then despite the cutesy sounding name look elsewhere.

Where To Buy

buy Chocolare BananaAvailable to purchase via Silver Slimming costing around £19 for 60 tablet three week course to just over £40 for a 6 week course (with slimming patches thrown in for good measure.)

Chocolate Banana is given a partial thumbs up!

Alternative Products

Capsiplex – its extremely hard to look outside of this commercially available fat burner.

The media has coined Capsiplex the “miracle diet pill” after several reports in the national press have highlighted just effective this diet pill is.

Capsiplex sold out after just 3 days of its release and sold a further 1 millions in its first 6 months.

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