Diet Pills 2012 UK

With 2012 upon us, the year just gone has been the busiest and most successful ever in the commercial diet pill market with some new introductions and some old favourites remaining as popular and successful as ever. There have been lots media focus and attention which has really helped to strengthen the strong brands, particularly those that originate and target the UK.

The following list is what the UK consumer is buying right now and should continue through the new year.

Nuratrim  – New Diet Pill For 2012 – TOP CHOICE

Nuratrim is the lastest and newest introduction with the launch timed to meet with the post Christmas rush for diet product after the excesses of the seasons festivities and new year resolutions.

Nuratrim utilises four natural ingredients: Glucomannan, Licorice Extract, Capsicum and Green Coffee.

Glucomannan is a highly effective appetite suppressant, when it comes into contact with liquid it can expand to 200 times its initial size. It can significantly reduce the need to snack and help to control food portions.

Nuratrim was very successful when it was launched in the US causing a stampede (similar the Capsiplex hysteria of a few months ago).

The Daily Mail featured Nuratrim recently calling it the ‘Kim Kardashian Diet Pill’ and drawing reference that she along with Mariah carey and Jennifer Ansiton were among its users.

Nuratrim is not only an appetite suppressant but also a highly effective fat burner and can also help to lower cholesterol levels. Studies indicate that a using regularly can reduce your calorie consumption by around 380 per day

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Capsiplex – Chili Diet Pill

If you have been researching diet pills and still totally overwhelmed by the amount of choice then choose Capsiplex.

If you are not involved in the diet pill industry it is hard to put into context just what impact Capsiplex has made. Capsiplex was the first diet pill to be given national press coverage and was the catalyst that has made diet pills sexy, chic and acceptable.

Capsiplex is coined the “chili diet pill” it has spawned dozens of replica products all trying to cash in on its success and mechanic of action.

Capsiplex is a thermogeneic fat burner that ideal for the highly mobile and the not so highly mobile. Taking Capsiplex can burn as many calories as jogging for 25 minutes.

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Proactol PlusFat Binder And Appetite Suppressant

Proactol Plus is the industry stalwart, it has several years of history in the commercial market and has retained its place amongst the elite since its inception (when it was merely just Proactol Plus)

Proactol Plus has documentation and certification to die for – there are very few diet pills (if any) that can match Proactol Plus for legitimacy.

Proactol Plus can prevent the absorption of around 27% of fat from the food you eat and also help you reach fullness quicker – Proactol Plus is the ultimate all rounder, the “one size fits all” diet pill.

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Phen375Non Prescription Phentermine Alternative

Phen375 is for those who are impatient and want to lose weight quickly. It is the non prescription alternative to the diet drug Phentermine and can burn fat and suppress appetite.

Phen375 is not for the feint hearted and retains a certain naughtiness about it – it is the Charlie Sheen of the diet pill world.

Joking aside, Phen375 is perfectly legitimate, safe to use and highly effective. it has a phenomenal success rate with an ever growing list of testimonials and customer success stories

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MeratolCarb Blocker

Meratol is the natural diet pill that was featured in the media when The Only Way Is Essex’s Lauren Goodger lost 14lbs in just one month.

Lauren was the flavour of the month back in the summer and was constantly bothered by photographers eager to get a shot of her new Meratol induced svelte physique. Meratol’s makers must be slightly miffed now that the TOWIE starlet has reverted back to her shape and is more likely to get shot by a harpoon than the paparazzi.

Take nothing away from Meratol it is one of the most successful products of the last year.

Meratol can reduce carbohydrate intake and increase metabolism.

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