Are Diet Pills Just Placebos

Diet Pills could be placebosOne long standing discussion that is a fairly frequent occurrence is – Do diet pill actually work – or is it the mind being fooled into believing that weight loss will happen simply by the introduction of the magic diet pill.

If you are not acquainted with the word Placebo – a placebo is a form of medication that does not contain any trace of ingredient that counteracts, cures or treats a condition for which it is meant.

Or put another way, a fake or dummy medication, that could be used as a mental crutch.

Our mind is a pretty complex and complicated component and obviously influences our overall health and so sometimes the (unwitting) introduction of a placebo (mental crutch) can cause an improvement in health, or in the case of the diet pill, weight loss – this is called the Placebo Effect


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Placebos are used quite extensively in the drug and pharmaceutical industry to measure the actual effect a new drug or medication against a dummy one. In clinical trials, a placebo may be given to one group of participants instead of the real medicine or treatment in order to assess whether the latter works as it has been designed to do so.

The Placebo Effect On Weight Loss

On occasions, the placebo effect has been shown to aid relief from symptoms equal to and in some cases better that the real drug . Could a diet pill help you lose weight, even if they do not contain any trace of ingredient that could influence weight loss

Imagine the scenario where a potential slimmer were to be given diet pills that contained just a diluted sugary compound and told they had a strong weight reducing effect – how would the results compare to another slimmer that was given the exact same diet pill but told they contained absolutely nothing by way of weight loss ingredients?

As mentioned above, results can be inconclusive,  but this sentence “the placebo effect has been shown to aid relief from symptoms equal to and in some cases better that the real drug.” highlights the power of the human mind and its potential to control illness or its physical attributes

This also highlights the weakness of the human condition and its over reliance on mental crutches. A human being, it would seem can only heal itself if the mind is in positive mode and has some form of outside assistance allowing it to become almost passive and succumb to the effect be it is real or artificial.

Are Diet Pills Just Placebos

Commercially available diet pill have and still are guilty of instilling the possible placebo effect to their consumers. A majority of the marketing material that we read or watch on TV connected to diet pills are spun positively and sometimes outrageously by the advertising folks.

Although the intention is not to produce something that is just a placebo, often the placebo effect is  relied upon by some of the lesser strength diet pill compounds on the “It says it works – therefore it must work” type mindset of consumers.

The reality though is the placebo effect is short lived, especially in the world of weight loss. The symptoms of obesity are physical and so after the honeymoon period as worn off, the stark reality still exists.

The distnace between the the lesser quality products and the clinically proven diet pills initially can be negligible – but after time, the need to lose weight has to be complimented by something that has some reasrch driven clinical proof behind it

If you now find yourself in the position of wanting to try a diet pill for the first time – armed with the above information, you should be in a position to bypass the placebo effect stage.

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