Fat Binder Diet Pills

How Do Fat Binders Work

Fat Binder diet pillsOne of the most effective genus of diet pill is the fat binder. Fat binders can prevent a portion of fat from the food you eat from being absorbed and digested by your stomach.

Fat binders are usually herbal and natural based and derived from extracts of cactus or other herbaceous byproducts.

The science is remarkably  similar to the fat blocker, a technology that is found in possibly the most successful and effective diet pill brand of all time Xenical (Orlistat)

Xenical is the prescription diet pill of choice for a majority of GP’s who advocate the administration of diet pills.

Xenical is not available to buy either over the counter (otc) via the high street or via the internet legally. Xenical can be purchased from outside of the UK,  Western Europe and America via the web but it is highly advised to refrain as the chances of buying an authentic or genuine product are very low.

Television programmes such as Watchdog have featured warnings about buying diet pills meant only for prescription via the web.

As mentioned, fat binders work in a very similar way to the fat blocker and are best described as the natural alternative.

How Do Fat Binders Work

Fat binder fat absorptionA simple explanation – each and every meal you consume has consequence as far as calorie and fat in take are concerned. Introducing a fat binder before each meal will prevent some of the fat from the meal from adding to your body mass.

Some reputable fat binders can prevent up to a quarter of dietary fat from being digested.

So in essence and as an example, the average daily calorie intake per day is approximately 2000 – using a fat binder can effectively negate 500 calories.

“The great thing about binders is that you can still enjoy the food you love in the knowledge that a quarter of it isnt really counting.”

What Are The Side Effects Of Fat Binders

The big advantage a natural fat binder has over a drug classed fat blocker is that it least likely to cause a side effect.

Fat blockers block fat from being digested – this undigested fat has to leave the body somehow and usually by bowel movements. Undigested fat is an orange liquid that can sometimes catch the user unaware.

A fat binder binds with fat so the bowel movements are less likely to be messy.

What Are The Best Fat Binders

Lipobind compared to ProactolThe Uk produce two of the finest fat binders namely Lipobind and Proactol. To find out more about fat binders and how the two comapare to each other – Read Lipobind and Proactol Compared

Lipobind And Proactol – Whats Best

What Is The UK’s Best Fat Binder

Diet pills that bind fat or fat binders are one of the most effective diet products available to the consumer from the over the counter market.

Walk into Holland & Barrett, Boots the Chemist, Superdrug or any leading supermarket chain and you will be sure to find the familiar blue packet of Lipobind.

Lipobind is generally accepted as being the Best Selling Slimming Tablet In The UK – best selling though does not necessarily equate to best product!

We have put Lipobind up against another popular fat binder Proactol –  both Lipobind and Proactol are pretty much head and shoulders above other non prescription fat binders.





A dietary fat binder that can prevent the absorption of fat. It is sold in major retail outlets and very heavily marketed. Works in much the same way as Lipobind by preventing fat absorption. Available only direct via the official website.
Lipobind  Benefits

  • Naturally bind fat
  • UK’s best selling diet pill
  • Easily available from major high street retailers, health stores and supermarkets
  • Clinically proven
  • Prolongs satiety
  • No known side effects
  • Carries CE mark of approval
  • Endorsement from TV presenter Katy Hill

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Proactol Benefits

  • Bind up to 27& of fat
  • Naturally suppress appetite
  • Promotes long term weight loss
  • Clinically proven
  • Free from side effects
  • Certified Medical Device Type 1
  • Carries CE mark of approval
  • Endorsements from the medical community

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Lipobind Success Stories

Lipobind has several celebrity endorsements.


Former EastEnder Lucy Benjamin and TV presenter Katy Hill. Katy reportedly lost 10lbs after gaining weight as a result of the birth of her daughter.

Lipobind was the best selling slimming tablet in both Boots the Chemist and Supedrug in 2008

Proactol Success Stories

Proactol has several real life success stories.


The Daily Express featured Laura Price who reportedly shed 6 dress sizes. An independent survey undertaken by the Telegraph voted Proactol one of the best ways to lose weight 2008 and the following year in 2009..

Proactol has numerous endorsements from the medical community.

Each packet contains 60 capsules and costs approx £24.95 per packet (42p per tablet) Each packet contains 120 tablets and costs approx £44.95 per packet (37p per tablet)

Lipobind V Proactol Price Comparison

Lipobind Cost

1 Box: £24.95 for 60 tablets, cost per a tablet of 42p
2 Box: £49.90 for 120 tablets, cost per a tablet 42p
3 Box: £69.95 for 180 tablets, cost per a tablet 39p
4 Box: £93.27 for 240 tablets, cost per a tablet 39p

Proactol Cost:

1 Month Supply: £44.98 for 120 tablets, cost per a tablet of 37p
2 Months: £84.48 for 240 tablets, cost per a tablet 35p
3 Months: £104.48 for 360 tablets, cost per a tablet 29p
4 Months: £124.48 for 600 tablets, cost per a tablet 20p (free box)
5 Months: £139.48 for 720 tablets, cost per a tablet 19p (free box)
8 Months: £180.48 for 1080 tablets, cost per a tablet 16p (free box)

Lipobind Or Proactol – The Conclusion

Both products are produced from reputable companies. The overall conclusion that can be drawn here is that although Lipobind is the leading brand and the best selling – Proactol has several features that places it slightly above.

Proactol is cheaper pretty much across the board in single packages and quantity purchases.

Lipobind has the marketing budget and commercial presence but for how long! Lipobind can be purchased from many different outlets whereas Proactol is only available via its official website.

Proactol has the advantage over Lipobind.

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