Fenphedrine UK Review

Fenphedrine is a fat burner formulated in the image of so many diet pills that are currently coming out of America.

It is advertised as being the first chemically altered diet pill to be sold over-the-counter and based on years of solid scientific research.

It does not look too dissimilar to Fenphedraand about half a dozen other brands that use the same style marketing, virtually the same ingredient list and a same bottle design.

According the official website Fenphedrine helps your body burn excess fat and acts as an appetite suppressant.

How Does Fenphedrine Work

Its connected to your hormones apparently and the CART, NPY process. rather that write this process word for word as we have done on several occasions in the past it would be easier to point you to our review of Nuphedragen

Does Fenphedrine Cause Side Effects

On the positive side there have not been any documented cases of severe or serious side effects. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid.

Where To Buy Fenphedrine In The UK

It is highly unlikely to be available to buy in the UK high street. Not the type of product that Boots, Superdrug or even Tesco would consider.

Purchases seem limited to the official US based website.

Alternative Fat Burners

Capsiplex is the fat burner of choice presently with numerous diet success stories associated with it.

Capsiplex is quickly becoming the fastest selling if not the best selling diet pill non prescription diet pill in the UK – and not without good reason.

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