Accomplix Review

Accomplix Diet PillYou would be forgiven for thinking that Accomplix is somehow associated with the now banned prescribed only Acomplia– the names are not too dissimilar.

Maybe the intention is to draw attention to a possible connection, Ephedra suffers a similar fate

Name aside, Accomplix suggests that it is the hottest weight loss product in America – a term that seems to be attached to nearly every diet pill that originates from across the Atlantic.

What Is Accomplix

Using sounbites from the officla website – Accomplix is the new approach to weight loss. The reality is though it is just a combination of ingredients that have been several times over in several other product. Nothing really new – and nothing really “hot”

What Are The Ingredients

  • Green Tea – a regular ingredient found in almost all fat burners
  • Guarana – basically caffeine… see above
  • Cinnamaon Bark – can lower blood sugar levels
  • Citrus Aurantium – contains synephrine a weaker ephedra like substance
  • Gugglesterones – can aid cholesterol levels

The other ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is powerful natural appetite suppressant but to include several other ingredients in the formula is difficult to understand as at least 400mg of raw Hoodia powder is needed per capsule to work efficiently.

Accomplix Side Effects

No reported side effects – although fat burner can often cause a feeling of unrest and insomnia.

Does Accomplix Work

Highly dubious.

Should I Buy Accomplix

The guarantee period is only 30 days one month.  By all accounts trying to evoke the guarantee is very problematic even to US consumers, UK consumers will find it even more so.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex is an exceptional fat burner. It is quite possibly the diet pill with the most media attention.

When Capsiplex went on general sale it sold out completely after just 3 days selling 50,000 units. It sold a reported 1 million units in first 6 month.

Capsiplex has many celebrities that admit to using it – it has been coined the Miracle Diet Pill.

To find out why read more about Capsiplex