HarVokse Hair Growth For Men And Women

Scientists and experts in the hair loss niche have long been searching for a treatment that is safe, simple to use and inexpensive. After many years of painstaking testing, a cutting edge new hair loss remedy, called HarVokse, has emerged.

Designed by researchers from Norway, this remedy is suited for both men and women, and it consists of scientifically proven and organic ingredients.

Apparently, Har Vokse halts any additional loss of hair, stimulates hair re-growth and nurtures far fuller and better looking hair.

The Har Vokse remedy uses a double action formula: the supplement for hair re-growth and the re-growth spray. Essentially, the spray operates by nurturing the hair and by cleaning the scalp, to make the hair fuller and more fortified.

The supplement allows users to prevent any excess hair loss and triggers hair re-growth.

This remedy does not cause any side effects and has been shown to work. As an example, 90 percent of all participants in a comprehensive clinical trial reported positive results from using this product.

Product Ingredients

Dr Erling Thomas, a Norwegian scientist, showed that a concoction of fish (marine) proteins, specific amino acids & vitamins were able to reverse baldness and address instances of hair thinning. Basically, Har Vokse is composed of multiple chemically blended organic components, with marine polysaccharides as its’ most important ingredient.

These organic marine proteins are proven to control proliferation of the skin cells. This is essential for stimulating fresh hair growth and for conditioning the scalp.

Also, Har Vokse has several other components in it, which include:

Grape Seed Extract – This has a component in it called reservatrol. Reservatrol is a potent antioxidant which enhances blood flow to your skin and hair follicles. This stimulates renewed hair growth.

Vitamin B – This promotes the overall health of the nails, hair and skin. Also, it makes the hair glisten with vitality.

Amino Acids – L methionine & L cystein are essential for shielding and enhancing hair growth, especially with regards to hair follicles.

Zinc Gluconate – This helps to hinder hair follicle regression and it facilitates recovery of the hair follicles, which triggers renewed hair growth.

Har Vokse Protective Spray

This is designed specifically to fortify, shield and nurture your hair from the exterior. This spray protects the scalp, but it lessens any aggravation that could lead to the hair thinning, or dropping out. It has numerous organic ingredients in it, including:

Extract of Green Tea – This is proven to be very good at activating the hair growth hormones.

Centella Asiatica – This well known Asian medication is very effective at bringing thicker hair back.

Extract of Green Coffee Bean – Green coffee’s polyphone compounds have been shown to stimulate hair growth.

Last Thoughts

Baldness will forever be a major issue for many individuals, so potent (but safe) hair restoration remedies are essential. The tailor made and inexpensive Har Vokse hair loss remedy will definitely stimulate hair re-growth. The dual action remedy will also fortify and nurture the hair, so it appears fuller and more attractive.

Can I Buy HarVokse In The UK

It is is available to buy in the UK but only from the official website. At present there is not an authorised UK stockists or supplier.

There are several option to buy including a buy 4 combination packs and 2 free from under £140.00.

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