72 Hour Diet Pill Review

72 Hour Diet PillThe 72 Hour Diet Pill makes a pretty bold claim on its official website – Lose 12lbs in 72 hours, guaranteed.

How a diet pill manufacturer can leave themselves wide open by making such a statement and backing it up with a guarantee is beyond comprehension and  incredibly brave.

Effectively what they are stating is that if you do not lose  12 pounds after the 3 day period, a refund is guaranteed!

Weight loss is not an exact science and each and every one of us has different levels of body fat ratios – an incredibly obese person would struggle to lose almost a stone in just 3 days.


In our opinion the 72 Hour Diet Pill is guilty from the outset of hype in an attempt to force a consumer to purchase.

What Is The 72 Hour Diet Pill

A fat burner that contains a wide and varied list of ingredients all performing to act as quickly as possible. Whether this is good thing or not that’s up to you to decide. Be mindful that super fast weight loss is not beneficial to all round good health.

This is not to suggest though that this diet pill can cause super fast weight loss – or any quantifiable weight loss for that matter.

Ingredients Of The 72 Hour Diet Pill

  • Juniper Berries – used as a diuretic to aid frequent urination and flush toxins from the kidneys.
  • Ginger Root –  used for centuries to treat sickness and nausea, can increase the hearts blood flow.
  • Potassium Gluconate – reduces blood pressure and can effect and maintain the bodies fluid levels.
  • Dandelion Root – used to lower both cholesterol and blood sugar levels, also a diuretic.
  • Caffeine – effects alertness, promotes energy and is often used as a fat burner.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have not been many consumer reports of any severe side effects. Fat burners can on occasions create a feeling of the “jitters” and cause restlessness, anxiety and insomnia.

72 Hour Diet Pill Positives

Not overflowing with many positives both from a product and company perspective – very similar in nature to the 365 Day Diet Pill

72 Hour Diet Pill Negatives

The official website does not anyway of contact should a customer service issue arise apart from just one email address, no company telephone number or physical address. Be extremely cautious before parting with your money if you cannot easily contact the company responsible for supply

Does The 72 Hour Diet Pill Work

Do you really think you can lose almost a stone in just 3 days? Do you also think that you will be given a refund should your expectation of weight loss not materialise.

Where To Buy The 72 Hour Diet Pill

You can buy for the official website – or from eBay. We do not provide links or any detailed purchase information for products that do not have at least 2 points of contact.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Proactol Plus is considered to be one of the most legitimate and effective natural diet pill available to buy without prescription.

It has certification and approved by almost every country in the world.

Proactol Plus is natural fat binder and appetite suppressant that can help to prevent the digestion of approximately 27% of fat from food consumed. It can also help to significantly reduce food cravings.

Latest research indicates that using Proactol Plus can help reduce calorie intake by 295 a day.

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