Lipo30 Review UK

Lipo30 is non-prescription diet pill that is advertised as being able to help regulate blood sugar, reduce overall body weight, burn excess body fat and health maintain all round health.

It’s creators state that it is developed in a laboratory by professionals (One would image it would be) and packed with anti-oxidants to revitalize your body and it is free from harmful sid effects.

It is not not just another diet pill according to the official website.

Lipo30 Ingredients

  • CoQ10 – is an amino acid which is said to facilitate weight reduction.
  • Chromax 333 mg – Chromax is said to help to control your levels of blood sugar and transport it within the body to be converted into energy
  • Phytosome Green Tea 100 mg – has caffeine in it and meant to burn fat and bolster energy levels.
  • Extract of Cissus Quadrangularis 100 mg – is thought to stimulate bone and tendon growth.

Usage Instructions

Take 1 to 2 tablets each day with water and a half-an-hour before breakfast, lunch time or exercising.

Lipo30 Positives

  1. Does include some ingredients that are associated with fat burning
  2. Suitable for both men and women and a multitude of demographics
  3. Uncomplicated once or twice a day format

Lipo30 Negatives

  1. Lacking in acknowledged accreditation
  2. No results of clinical studies mentioned to back-up the claims of the manufacturers.
  3. No “before and after” photographs are included on the website for this product.
  4. Very heavily caffeine dependent as a weight loss ingredient, which can cause anxiety and insomnia.

Does Lipo30 Work – Is It Recommended

Extremely difficult to recommended as this point in time, this is simply not sufficient data available for it to be on the shortlist. It is recommended that you research some alternative fat loss products, which are free from Ephedra and which do not use such a high dosage of caffeine.

Where To Buy Lipo30 In The UK

Orders are restricted to the official website as far as UK based customers are concerned.

Recommended Fat Burner

Hard to consider anything but Capsiplex in the fat burning category.

Capsiplex is UK produced and arguably the most effective and best selling of the past 2 years.

Capsiplex is natural and according to the advertsing material can help you burn 280 calories per day.

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