Do Appetite Suppressants Work

Can I Lose Weight With An Appetite Suppressant

Appetite suppressants and overeatingThe western world is becoming a victim of its seemingly unlimited food supply. The USA and the UK in particular have the highest percentage of the population that fall into the obese or overweight category that any other country in the world.

At any given time approximately 30% of the adult population are dieting or trying to lose weight – the true figure and percentage of the UK adult population that should be trying to lose weight is nearer 50%.

Every other adult (1 in 2) in the UK should be trying to lose weight.

Most people who try to diet fall at the first hurdle,  losing weight is often associated with “going without” – it is this psychological barrier that prevents weight loss success.

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Some people do manage to diet successfully, then stop their diet and gain all the weight back again – this is the frequently experienced weight loss yo yo effect.

To prevent or treat something you have to understand the cause – to lose weight successfully you also have to understand the cause.

Hunger And Appetite

Woman over eatingHunger is the physiological need for food.  Appetite is the psychological motivation. Or to put it another way – hunger is the need for food – appetite is the want for food. It is the want that is the human beings biggest foe.

In the animal kingdom a majority of species eat only when hungry and stop when full. A human will eat to satisfy hunger but also to satisfy an emotional need (comfort eat) or simply eat to be sociable.

If there is one definitive cause of obesity it is our inability to control the amount of food that we eat. (

Appetite Suppressants Can Control Hunger And Appetite

The western world have been using appetite suppressants for the last few decades  mainly via prescription to treat extreme cases of obesity. Prescription appetite suppressants are usually chemical based and do not come without health risks.

Appetite suppressants are available from the NHS via prescription but to qualify your BMI (Body Mass Index) would have to be high (over 30) as the cost of producing pharmaceutical classed weight loss medication is high and doesn’t cover the cost of a prescription. Check Your BMI

It is highly unlikely your GP will prescribe an appetite suppressant unless you are dangerously overweight or purely for vanity.

Recently one of the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressants Accomplia was removed from the market amid safety issues.

How Do Appetite Suppressants Work – In A Nutshell

Without going into absolute specifics and without too much of a technical explanation….

Appetite suppressants promote weight loss by tricking the body into believing that it is not hungry or that it is full. They decrease appetite by increasing serotonin or catecholamine – two brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite. If you are using appetite suppressants you are more likely to leave a portion of food on your plate and less likely to want to snack between meals.

Your daily calorie intake will be less…..

how to suppress your appetiteYour stomach is like a balloon that can be filled to capacity – over time you will become accustomed to wanting and needing less food and so your stomach will shrink creating a smaller capacity.

The advantage appetite suppressants have over forms of dieting and diets is that you will not have to go without. If you enjoy a take-away or a cream cake you can still enjoy it – only less of a portion, you will physically unable to consume your usual (pre-appetite suppressed) portion.

Appetite suppressants provide the will power often lacking for a diet to be a success.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

One the best natural appetite suppressants are those derived from cactus or cactus extract.

Proactol Plus is not only an appetite suppressant but also a fat binder that can prevent fat absorption.

Proactol Plus is fully certified, and meets all necessary requirements recently put in place by the EU. It is classed as Medical Device Type II and available to buy direct without prescription.

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Suppress Appetite And Lose Weight

Diet Pills That Suppress Appetite

How to suppress appetiteOne the most obvious ways to lose weight is to eat less. Or at least take on less calories than you consume.

This equation is understood by virtually everyone (or should be) who has a problem with their weight – so why is it that many of choose to ignore this most simple of calculations and search for an easier weight loss method?

For most of  us, we do not have the first clue as to how many calories we consume on a daily basis nor do we understand how many we expel.

If an overweight or obese person were to keep a tab on their daily calorific intake and ensure that it kept to the average – gradual, natural weight loss would follow.

The problem here is what is  average? What is the average calorific intake for the average person – who is the average person? Get the calculation slightly wrong and months of calorie counting will not reduce your weight or body mass – you will be no further to reaching your weight loss target.

So how can we reduce the amount of food that we consume without trying to map out a mathematical equation that may not prove effective or sustainable.

We are told that certain foods are bad for us and some are high in fats and have the potential to increase our weight and body fat exponentially. This is where appetite suppressants enter the equation.

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Appetite Suppressants

An appetite suppressant can physically reduce the amount of food that you want to eat – not what you want to eat. One of the biggest reasons why a diet may fail is due to the thought of uninspiring low calorie food and a restraint on the foods that we enjoy.

curb overeatingIf you were to suppress your appetite you could still eat all of the foods that you enjoy – but less in quantity.

Appetite suppressants work (in layman terms) by causing your brain to send a signal to your stomach to tell it that is full and does not require any food. Will power (or lack of it) is the number one cause of over eating and subsequent weight gain.

The choice and availability of appetite suppressants in the diet pill market, both via prescription and over the counter or high street  is plentiful – reducing this down to effective appetite suppressants limits the choice to probably a handful.

Using diet pills in attempt to lose weight can be hit and miss – for every effective diet pill there are a dozen others that flatter to deceive and disappoint.

If an appetite suppressant is something appeals the preferable route to take would be to make an appointment with your GP or doctor – he or she will discuss your options.

Appetite Suppressants Via Prescription

There are several appetite suppressants available on the NHS by prescription – Your GP or doctor will not prescribe on your say so. You will have to have a very high Body Mass Index (BMI) and have shown a real concerted effort to lose weight by trying to diet.

GP’s and doctors opinions vary greatly on the subject of diet pills. Some GP’s do not advocate the use of any diet pills or weight loss medication preferring other more physical focused methods of controlling weight.

The most common prescription appetite suppressants are

  • Bontril
  • Meridia
  • Reductil
  • Phentermine

One notable absentee is Acomplia Rimonabant –  Acomplia has been removed from the market (late 2008) amid health and safety fears. The important thing to remember with prescription appetite suppressants is that are chemically produced drugs and can cause side effects – for this reason it is very important to only obtain from a GP or doctor so that can administer under strict supervision.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

The prescription appetite suppressants are produced by pharmaceutical companies  and a world apart from the more herbal and natural substances. There are many different products available via the over the counter market -in either the high street of via the internet

The most common and best know natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is  a natural (cactus like plant) substance that can suppress appetite without any ill feeling or side effect.

natural hoodia appetite suppressantHoodia can be quite expensive as it takes 4 years to grow, harvest and make ready for commercial resale.

If this is not your first exploration into the appetite suppressant market – you have more than likely come across Hoodia during your research. You will have noticed the variable price.

There are several dozen US (and UK more recently) Hoodia suppliers advertising Hoodia very cheaply. It is highly probable that the product contained is not an authentic Hoodia product or not produced from raw Hoodia powder.


Your Weight Loss Target

Setting A Realistic Weight Loss Target

weight loss targetsIf you are considering that now might be the time to start shedding weight you want to spot just how much weight you must lose and over what timescale.

The most important thing to recollect is to set your weight loss target to one that is achievable otherwise you will be in danger of giving up. You are unique, so select a target that you are happy with.

We are all different shapes and sizes it is purposeless making an attempt to run a parallel target with someone that is shorter or taller than you. The taller you’re the more your body mass is likely be and so any weight reducing scheme will take longer to take effect.

When you’re close to achieving your target you may find the last few pounds are incredibly tough to shift.

This is due to our body realising it is approaching its correct weight and does not wish to creep into the realms of being underweight. Another thing to take into account when setting your goal is how overweight you are now.

That will contribute as to how much weight you need to ideally set to lose in the beginning.

If you have quite a large amount of weight to lose, it is always better to set yourself tiny targets.

For instance, if you are over 3 stone overweight, set yourself a target to lose around 3 to 4 pounds as your first target. Beginning off tiny will help you to keep the goal achievable and you won’t become depressed for not reaching it.

Do you have a psychological image of the ideal you. Is it one of a much younger and slimmer person.

If this is the case you are doubtless trying to reach an unreachable goal as you were probably a ton more active then than you are today.

You have to face up to the undeniable fact that that was then and this is now. Focus on weight loss goal steps instead of a before and after type scenario.

So in summation, the largest reason why you’re improbable to shed pounds and maintain your ideal weight isn’t setting a target that is achievable. By setting a pragmatic goal will give you a good chance of success.

Remember though if you do slip back to old habits and your weight starts to creep back up again – don’t give up.