LuraLean Review

Life Extension manufacture and sell a raft of minerals, supplements and vitamins, and they also make LuraLean. Customers, however, should not expect it to be similar to most other fat loss formulas that contain numerous stimulants. In contrast, it is is more in the tradition of a “cleansing and detox” product, due to its’ high concentration of fibre.

LuraLean is an appetite suppressant that contains the soluble fibre glucomannan, otherwise known as Konjac Root Extract. This draws water in and becomes like a gel while it negotiates its’ way through the digestive tract to expand the stomach, and create a feeling of fullness.

Taken thirty to sixty minutes prior to meals, LuraLean is meant to sustain normal levels of cholesterol and prevent the absorption of fat. A placebo test on LuraLean demonstrated that it lessens the absorption of carbohydrates and sustains healthy levels of blood sugar.

How LuraLean Works

The normal enzymes which break soluble fibre down have been taken out of LuraLean. This ensures that it binds to the fat and gets safely and naturally removed via the colon.

Glucomannan (pictured left) – also known as the Konjac Root, has a large molecular weight structure that is capable of binding to h2o much more effectively than other soluble fibre products.

The primary website for the product gives an overview of the main benefits of LuraLean. A 1 month supply of LuraLean has 120 vegetarian tablets and sells for around £19.99. It is advisable to consume 4 tablets prior to heavy meals, but it does not say with what quantity of h2o.

The Side-effects of LuraLean

It is recommended that water should be consumed with this product, because it often saps up any available liquid in the digestive tract and the belly. Not drinking sufficient h2o can cause a swollen throat.

LuraLean Positives

  • Fibre aids the colon
  • This product might help weight loss by producing a feeling of fullness
  • Worldwide delivery included
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Extra fibre prevents and eases constipation and haemorrhoids
  • A one year refund guarantee is offered

LuraLean Negatives

  • Shipping prices are variable
  • You need to subscribe to the website to checkout successfully
  • Administering without enough fluid could block the throat
  • Thought to reduce blood glucose and might clash with other medication


An alternative, but safe, weight loss solution. It will help constipation sufferers and those who often still feel hungry after eating a meal. Glucomannan products, generally speaking, are usually fine. While LuraLean will not produce any miraculous effects, you will probably gain some legitimate benefits. The features of the product that make it work also reduce any negative side-effects which you may encounter from consuming it. The primary effect you could expect, is to feel “full-up” quicker thanks to the appetite suppressing properties of the Konjac Root.

Apparently, LuraLean is the most well refined type of glucomannan, and this is meant to justify its’ higher selling price. It is not clear whether it will work any better than the more traditional glucomannan additives, but it may be worth trying if you can afford it.

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