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Xerisan ASA Review And Where To Buy

Xerisan ASA fat burnerIt is not that difficult to spot the professionally created slimming tablet from the not so professionally created.

The over the counter (otc) slimming tablet industry is not governed by as many rules and regulations as the prescription only slimming drug industry and so products such as Xerisan ASA can pretty much get  away with saying anything.

Although the self hype is not that bad – the official Xerisan website claims that it is The Best Fat Burner On The Market.

This a claim made by a maj of diet supplement and slimming tablets that originate from the United States

What Is Xerisan ASA

First and foremost it is a fat burner that is aimed at increasing the metabolism and providing an increase to energy levels. The secondary effect is to suppress appetite.

What Is The Most Effective Natural Appetite Suppressant?

What Are The Ingredients

There are four main ingredients in the slimming tablet formula.

  • Phaseolus Vulgaris
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Calcium Pyrovate
  • Synephrine

How much of each ingredient is present in the formula is a mystery. The science behind the product relies on highly dubious material that claims a scientifically proven weight loss method without actually divulging anything in too much detail.

Does Xerisan ASA Cause Side Effects

In all probability there should not be a risk to health – fat burners due to their very nature can cause a similar feeling to that of introducing stimulants into your system, such as: headache, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

Does Xerisan ASA Work

Not a slimming tablet to get too excited about!

Where To Buy Xerisan ASA

It seems to sold exclusively from its own website – the cost  is rather expensive considering its lack conclusive clinical evidence.

Looking Elsewhere

In April 2011 the MHRH (Medicine and Health Regulatory Authority) in accordance with EU regulations has deemed that diet pills can only be sold to a UK customer base if the product meets certain criteria. While hundreds of competing brands have and are disappearing Proactol Plus remains.

Proactol Plus is Legal, Effective  and Available without prescription

More about Proactol Plus

What Are The Best Diet Pills

What Diet Pills Are The Best

What is the best diet pill to buyThe question of what are the best diet pills has too many variables and factors to give a succinct answer.

The question should be – What are the best diet pills … for me

The diet pill industry is difficult to navigate for the average consumer. Hours, days if not weeks can be spent on research that seems to contradict itself. The internet is a great resource but can often be guilty of over exaggeration, hype and just a smattering of untruth.

So, who do we believe, have the people behind the  marketing gone just too far. The producers of consumer and prescription only diet pills are trying to claim a stake of a billion pound/dollar industry and try not to let fact get in the way when promoting their latest slimming products.

It is the poor consumer that seems to suffer. While the diet pill industry unveils its latest product in a fanfare of hype and celebrity endorsement the consumer is left to unravel the good from the bad from the downright ugly.

The prescription diet pill industry is kept fairly in check, rules and regulation govern what they can and cannot say. It is the non prescription, commercially available and over the counter industry that is free to make outrageous and largely unsubstantiated claims.

A large proportion of consumer diet pills available to us to buy freely on the open market have no medical backing, have undergone absolutely no clinical trials and have no certification to back up their weight loss claims.

If you are in a position whereby you have an extremely high Body Mass Index (BMI) it is highly advised to consult with your GP or doctor. Prescription diet pills (or diet drugs) are aimed at the obese or very overweight. You may be eligible for a course of medication depending on the stance of your GP and their attitude toward the diet pill.

For everyone else it is the gauntlet of the non prescription, over the counter market that beckons.

So what do we do if we are not considered dangerously overweight or obese, what should we do if we want to lose weight and have no hope of our GP giving us a course of  diet pills that will give us the shape and physique that we want. Who do we trust.

A majority of commercially available diet products are viewed as a commodity and usual practice is to try to supply to as many retail and online outlets as possible, even eBay. This is a real give away that profit is the forefront as opposed to consumer benefit.

Below are three best of breed diet pills that are either available only via prescription or free to buy direct from the manufacturer without the intervention of a third party stockist.

Proactol Fat Binder Phen375-8 xenical (Orlistat)
Proactol Phen375 Xenical (Orlistat)
Fat Binder Fat Burner Fat Blocker
Clinically Proven Clinically Proven Clinically Proven
GP Recommended GP Recommended GP Recommended
Direct Only Direct Only Prescription Only
CertifiedType 1 Medical Device

(MDD 93/42/EEC)





£44.95 per Bottle Spur N/A
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