PhenSlim 37.5 Review

PhenSlim 37.5 is a branded Phentermine alternative produced by Atom. Phentermine alternatives are very much en vogue and offer the potency of the prescription only weight loss drug but without the complications of side effects and buying restrictions.

In its day Phentermine was one of the most commonly prescribed and requested weight loss drugs – it was first introduced in the 1950’s and has slowly fallen out of favour with the medical fraternity but still retains a certain aura and is considered, historically to be the most potent diet pill ever created.

Half a century on and Phentermine has been surpassed by a new breed of diet pills. While staying true to the concept and effect of Phentermine, this new breed of diet pills have chosen to distance themselves from the drug nature and instead combine natural ingredients with the synthetic to create a powerful, effective and more importantly safe diet product.

“Designed to tackle the stubborm areas such as stomach, legs and thighs”

What Is PhenSlim 37.5

According to the marketing material, PhenSlim 37.5 is the result of several years of expertise, experience and research. The inhouse development team at Atom have produced a non prescription diet pill designed to tackle weight loss with particular emphasis on the areas where body fat is the most stubborn: stomach, legs and thighs.

The main benefits include:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • An increase in the metabolic rate
  • A raised level of energy

How Does PhenSlim 37.5 Work

Most of the Phentermine alternatives currently in circulation either act as a fat burner or an appetite suppressants, some do both – PhenSlim 37.5 is designed to tackle both.

Possibly the two biggest forces that act against a persons weight loss ambition are over eating and not burning excess calories efficiently. PhenSlim 37.5 contains ingredients (it is suggested) that can lower your daily calorie intake by around 1000 per day.

PhenSlim’s formula also contains the ability to raise the metabolism which increases the core temperature of the body – this is an important part of the calorie burning process.

PhenSlim 37.5 Side Effects

As this product is a new introduction there have not been any real data to to base any kind of conclusion with regard to side effects. The manufacturers claim it to be free from side effects.

Does PhenSlim 37.5 Work

Again, there is not much in the way of customer feedback, success stories or testimonials to form a basis – interestingly, the manufacturers website claims that nearly 100% of their customer are satisfied, although less bias sources have yet to state their experiences.

Is PhenSlim 37.5 Recommended

Hard to recommend over an above Phen375. Towards the end of 2009 Phen375 pretty much established itself as the market leader and has since spawned numerous similar and near identical products trying to leverage the Phen375 name and commercial appeal.

Phen375 has a strong customer base and has the added advantage of being only one of a handful of non prescription diet pills to be manufactured in FDA approved facilities.

If you are looking to use a Phentermine alternative use Phen375