Phenterpril Review

Phentrerpril is another diet pill that targets the Phentermine market by offering a non prescription, non drug classed alternative that is free from side effects.

Phentermine is one of the most sought after diet pills, it has a certain notoriety and infamy attached to it.

On one hand it is a strong prescription drug classed diet medication that has been responsible for countless success stories over several decades while on the other hand it has several potential side effects ranging from the minor irritant to the severe.

So the conundrum for manufacturers of commercial diet pills over the last few years has been to come up with a diet pill that that can offer the weight loss potential of Phentermine while remaining free from side effects – and of course available without prescription.

What Is Phenterpril – Is It The Answer 

Phenterpril contains three main components.

  • Synephrine – substance that has all replaced the now banned Ephedra
  • Phenylethylamine – responsible for suppressing appetite
  • L-Phenylalanine – is thought to create energy and improve mood

The formula is designed to not only suppress apetite but to also burn excess body fat.

Phenterpril Side Effects

Thankfully nothing of any great severity although there have documented cases of side effects such as: Irregular heartbeat, sickness, headache, stomach upset and a jittery feeling.

It goes without saying that pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid.

Where To Buy Phenterpril In The UK

Not likely to be found in UK high chemists or health stores. very much a North American product.

Is It Recommended

Hard to recommend largely due to existence of Phen375.

Whenever we have the privilege of reviewing a Phentermine alternative it is not long before we eventually route attention to Phen375. We make no apologies for this, Phen375 has become the benchmark and until another product arrives offering a better alternative we will continue to do so.

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