Prescopodene UK Review

Prescopodene is the UK’s most powerful diet pill according the product manufacturers own official UK website.

The official website also displays some other interesting ‘facts’ such as extracted form a clinical trial that was undertaken over a 6 month period.

Apparently 451 calories were consumer less daily, 587 extra calories were burnt daily and average body fat percentage dropped by 4.77%.

If soundbites and questionable facts and figures were the benchmarks of ascertaining the quality of a product then Prescopodene is right up there with some of the other flamboyantly advertised diet pill we have witnessed and reviewed in recent years.

What is Prescopodene 

A commercial fat burner that does not require GP or doctor approval or prescription. It is formulated without any intrusion from chemical substances.

The main composition is: Pyridoxine HCP, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium, Green Tea, Advantra Z, Ginger Root, Tyrosine, DMAE, Cocoa Extract, Yerba Mate, Pantothenic Acid and Grape Seed Extract

Prescopodene How Does It Work

A combination of raising the body’s metabolic rate and suppressing appetite.

Increasing the metabolism causes thermogenesis – this is the process of burning excess body fat and converting it into energy through heat production.

Reducing or suppressing appetite is vital for portion control and can cut down on daily calorie consumption.

Prescopodene Side Effects

There have not been any cases of any severe side effects or any reports of typical side effects. It is advised for pregnant or nursing mothers ro not use and for people with any existing health condition to also refrain from use.

Does Prescopodene Work 

The product itself is far from revolutionary and after claiming to be the UK’s strongest diet pill it kind of lost all credibility. Customer comments, testimonials and reviews from third party unconnected sources are few and far between,

Where To Buy Prescopodene In The UK

Availability is limited to the official website – or websites, it appears to have a multi country presence. Unlikely to found in store at Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett etc.

Other fat Burners To Consider

PhenQ from BauerPossibly the best example of a fat burner and appetite suppressant combination is PhenQ. While PhenQ is on the market it is hard to recommend a fat burner  that offers a similar mechanic of action.

PhenQ is formulated in FDA approved and registered facilities – PhenQ has a solid reputation within the industry on both side of the Atlantic.

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