Anopril Diet Pills

Anopril Fast Acting Diet Pill

Anopril Diet PillsAnopril is advertised as a fast acting weight loss pill designed to increase energy, stimulate metabolism and suppress appetite.

The official website has a very distinct American feel to it and the use of jingoism’s such as…

The ingredients have been combined to address the specific physiological road blocks that have made weight loss so difficult in the past.

underline what so may diet pill manufacturers view now as a must have unique angle.

There are highly dubious testimonials sprinkled on the official website that do not look entirely upstaged. The official website is also rather annoying as a there is a video that auto-plays at full volume every time the home page is visited.

What Is Anopril

An all in one diet pill that promises additional energy, appetite suppression and a raise in the metabolic rate.

Anopril Ingredients


A concoction of ingredients that are widely used in several other diet pill products.

Does Anopril Cause Side Effects

Difficult to be absolutely certain as there are many less than favourable comments, customer comments and testimonials.

Where To Buy Anopril

The official Anopril website seems the most likely outlet.

Is It Recommended

Very hard to recommend considering the facts and ingredients.


Hoodia GordoniiQuite easy to look elsewhere. If appetite suppression is your preferred method of weight control, look no further than Hoodia Gordonni.

Hoodia Gordonni is natural plant based appetite suppressant containing just the one ingredient.

More about Hoodia Gordonni


Diet Pills On Prescription

Prescription Diet Pills

Prescribed diet drugsIf you are considering using a diet pill there is one very big decision to make.

Should I use a prescribed or prescription diet pill or choose one of the over the counter products via the high street or from the web.

In reality though the decision is out of your hands – a prescribed diet pill does not really involve a choice, it is your GP or doctor that makes the choice if he or she considers your current health issue to be to such an extent that a drug is your best chance of reducing your weight.

A typical benchmark is your BMI (Body Mass Index) if you have a BMI of 30 or above you may stand a chance of being a prescription, any lower and you will have little chance.

Prescribed diet pills are chemically produced substances and classed as drugs – there is nothing natural about prescription diet pills.

If you are offered a prescription you will have to think about the possible side effects – prescribed slimming tablets significantly raise the possibility of causing side effects. Some are just a minor irritant but others can have more severe implications.

Commonly Prescribed Slimming Tablets

Typically there are only a handful of products that your GP is likely to prescribe should you qualify:

Xenical – a high strength fat blocker that uses the active ingredient Orlistat.

Xenical can block around a quarter of dietary fat food consumed but can cause side effects. Xenical is by far the most commonly prescribed slimming drug. More about Xenical

Other slimming drugs that are often prescribed are Reductil, Phentermine, Meridia and Bontril – these are appetite suppressants and dramatically reduce your want or need for food.

Just as with Xenical, prescription appetite suppressants can also cause a wide range of side effects. More about Appetite Suppressants

Can I Buy Prescription Diet Pills

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Can I buy prescription only diet pills over the counter or via the web?” This is where the the concept gets a bit cloudy.

Prescription diet pills should only be available via GP or doctor consultation, however the black market does exist.

It is highly advised to refrain from purcahsing any drug classed weight loss product from the web – at best the chances of recieving the legitimate “ordered” product are extremely low and at worst you will be unsupervised during your administration of the drug into your body.

So, if you are considering the use of a prescription diet pill – your first point of call should be with your GP!

Alternatives To Prescribed Diet Drugs

Non prescription or over the counter diet pills can be obtained without any recommendation or approval from your GP.

Herbal diet pillsOver the counter or OTC diet pills are usually herbal based an present a much lower chance of experiencing a side effect.

The choices available in this market can be overwhelming.

If you are considering buying a non prescription diet pill – Read Herbal Diet Pills