Herbal Diet Pills

Natural Herbal Slimming Tablets

Herbal diet pillsIf you are thinking of introducing or employing the use of a  diet pill to aid the weight loss process – the choice is either the chemical based prescription only route or the more natural and herbal based products.

Chemical or pharamaceutical diet products cannot be purchased and are not available to everyone. To qualify for a prescription you will have to be classed as very over weight or obese.

Your GP will assess your lifestyle, dietary habits and current situation and after he or she has underlined the potential health risks associated with what is in essence a drug, possibly offer you a prescription.

For everyone else, who are not considered dangerously over weight or obese – the non prescription market beckons.

Non Prescription Herbal Diet Pills

A majority of the diet pills that are freely available to buy over the counter in health stores in the high street and via the internet are herbal based and come from the natural world.

There may be minor interference from a chemical perspective on a few herbal based products by the majority remain completely natural.


Herbal diet pills account for approximately 90% of the non prescription market – diet products that you will find in high street stores such as Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Boots and supermarket chains will be herbal in the majority.

Popular Herbal Diet Pills

Two of the most common herbal diet pills found in the high street are Lipobind and Adios – both are completely natural and both claim to be the best selling natural diet pill in the UK.

The major problem that the herbal diet pill industry faces especially in the UK is the influx of so called wonder or miracle diet pills from across the Atlantic.

The herbal diet pill market is not governed as strictly as the prescription market and so producers of natural products have pretty much carte blanche so they can pretty much say what they want and make outrageous claims in respect of the efficacy of their products.

Some of the stand out culprits are the much publicized Lipovox and Orovo that lead with the superfood ideology.

Herbal Diet Pills And Side Effects

The advantage a majority of herbal based diet pills have over their chemical cousins is that they are least likely to cause side effects. The herbal diet pill genre most likely to cause a side effect, although not severe, is the fat burner

Herbal Fat Burners

Herbal fat burners usually are based around stimulants such as caffeine – many a comment has been made in connection to a restless feeling, nausea, headache or insomnia. Image drinking several large cups of coffee throughout the day – welcome to the fat burner.

Fat burners are considered to be the less effective of all the diet pill genres.

Most Effective Herbal Diet Pills

Two of the most effective types of diet pill are the fat stopper (blocker or binder) and the appetite suppressant.

Xenical is quite possibly the most effective prescription only diet pill – it is the most likely to be prescribed if you qualify for a GP administered diet drug. Xenical is a fat blocker and stops the absorption of fat from being digested into your stomach. More about Xenical

The natural world have products that can replicate the success of Xenical by binding fat – fat binders. These work in similar way and are equally effective. Read More about Fat Binders

Appetite suppressants are another very effective method for reducing not only body weight but body fat. Appetite suppressants can provide the will power often lacking in people who want to reduce or cut down on the amount of food consumed or calories taken on daily.

The most popular natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia capsules should contain raw Hoodia powder taken from a cactus like plant that is native to Southern Africa.

There are hundreds of brands of Hoodia available to purchase but only a few remain true to its origin. Luckily the UK has tow Hoodia product that contain legitimate authentic produce –

Adipex Prescription Diet Drug

Adipex Diet Pill Review

Adipex Prescription Diet DrugNon prescription diet pills outnumber their prescription only counterparts by quite a big margin. There are several commonly prescribed diet drugs as opposed to several dozen even a couple of hundred free to buy non prescription diet pills.

Adipex is most definitely a prescription diet pill – it is a strong powerful chemically and pharmaceutically produced drug aimed at the obese and should not be entered into lightly.

Adipex is also known as Adipex-P and has an association with and contains Phentermine as an active ingredient.

How Does Adipex Work

The active ingredient of Adipex is Phentermine, as mentioned above.  Phentermine causes as reaction of the neurotransmitters in the brain. It stimulates selected nerve bundles to release chemicals that act as neurotransmitters.

Those chemicals called dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine—are called catecholamines. The release of these chemicals results in a lack of desire food or appetite suppression

What Are The Side Effects Of Adipex

As with a majority of prescription diet drugs – Adipex is prone to causing side effects, some serious and some a minor inconvenience.

Some minor side effects include:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Insomnia and anxiety
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Nervousness

Some of the more severe health issue that have been reoprted are:

  • Chest pain or irregular heartbeat
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Severe migraine like headache
  • Mood swings and behaviour changes
  • High blood pressure
  • Addiction
  • Seizures

Is Adipex Suitable For Anyone

As described above, Adipex is only suitable for dieters who are considered extremely over weight or obese. It is not available on request and can only be obtained via GP or doctor consultation.

However there are certain groups who should avoid taking Adipex altogether.

Anyone with a history of heart disease or high blood pressure should refrain. Anyone with an overactive thyroid should also avoid.

If you have had a history of eye conditions such as glaucoma or blood disorders such as arteriosclerosis (artery hardening) Adipex should not be taken.

The group of people that should particularly avoid are those with an addictive nature or a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

Where To Buy Adipex

Adipex cannot be purchased it can only be acquired via GP or doctor consultation. The internet is great resource but can also be a breeding ground for the black market. It is highly advised to not attempt to buy Adipex from the internet – it is highly likely you will be buying a fraudulent product.

Alternative Diet Pills

Phentermine is possibly the most widely prescribed appetite suppressing diet drug. It was very strong and had to be administered under GP supervision.

Phen375 is derivative and contains a fat burning agent, it is manufactured in FDA approved facilities and available to buy without prescription.

More about Phen375


Xenical Orlistat

Xenical Prescription Diet Pill Review

Xenical Orlistat Weight Loss DrugThere is undoubtedly more choice and a freedom of choice in the non prescription diet pill market place. The prescription only genre has very few offerings and all based around pharmaceutical drug compositions.

Xenical is by far the most frequently and commonly administered diet drug – although not completely side effect free it offers sufferers of obesity a high chance of weight loss success.

Visiting your GP or doctor and simply asking for a diet pill via prescription is often met with disappointment. In order to qualify for a prescription there has to be sufficient reason – it is highly unlikely that you will be prescribed anything unless you are classed as very over weight or obese.

Orlistat is available over the counter under the brand name Alli 

In most circumstances if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30 – you may well be considered for a course of Xenical.

What Is Xenical

Xenical is the trade or brand name of the chemically produced diet drug Orlistat – Orlistat is an extremely strong fat blocker that can prevent the absorption of unhealthy and excess fat from the food that we eat.

How Does Xenical Work

A fat blocking genre of diet pill that can prevent the absorption over a quarter of fat attached to food consumed . It does not suppress appetite, effect the metabolism or have any affect on the brain – it is purely a digestive process that tackles the problem of obesity head on and at source rather than treat the after effects of overindulgence or over eating.

The undigested fat can then pass naturally through the body and leave via a bowel movement. There is nothing complicated in the process – if a dieter were eat his or her normal or usual food portion they would be better off by 25% in terms of introducing fat or calories of any kind into their body.

Side Effects Of Xenical

It would be irresponsible not to highlight the potential side effects that could be caused – after all Xenical is a drug and not a natural or herbal product and so does contain a slight risk to health.

One of the less severe side effects that has been reported is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements and an unusual or messy stool. Although this is classed as side effect it is a byproduct and effect of the drug actually working – undigested fat has to leave the body somehow.

Another side effect that although not common but nonetheless reported is mild to painful skin rashes.

This is one of the reasons it is vital to not attempt to purchase form any source, be it internet or high street –  Xenical must only be taken under strict GP supervision.

Do Not Take Xenical If

  • You have anorexia or bulimia
  • You have diabetes
  • You have or have had kidney stones
  • You are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or nursing a child

Is Xenical Effective For Weight Loss

Xenical (Orlistat) is an extremely effective diet drug –  it has been the GP recommended diet tablet and slimming pill of choice for many years. As Xenical is prescription only it is definitely not advised to buy or administer it without GP supervision. It is estimated that over 90% of the Xenical tablets that are advertised to buy freely over the counter or via the internet are either counterfeit or dangerous – or both.

How To Obtain Xenical Orlistat

As described previously Xenical is not available to anyone – the fist course of action should be to visit your GP if you have concerns over your current weight. It is unlikely that your GP will prescribe (if at all) on your first visit. Ensure that you take with you (to your GP appointment) a daily food intake or dietary plan.

Xenical Alternative

PhenQ buy directPhenQ shares similarities with Xenical but is very much the natural alternative. PhenQ is a multi benefir diet pill that works in a similar vein by preventing the absorption of fat but without the potential side effects.

PhenQ is available to buy without the need for a prescription and has received glowing testimonies from the medical fraternity and has been give the status of Medical Device Type 1

PhenQ is also a highly effective fat burner and appetite suppressant – it also has anti oxidant ingredients within it’s formula.

PhenQ can only be purchased direct from the manufacturers – who in turn can control the distribution (an ideal situation which other diet pill manufacturers and producers should take note of.)

PhenQ carries a 60 day money back guarantee and does not incur a delivery charge anywhere in the world

Read about the benefits of PhenQ