Pure Hoodia Appetite Suppressant Review

Pure Hoodia Gordonii Diet CapsulesThe introduction of Hoodia Gordonii to the western world was initially met by hysteria. It was suggested at the time that this strange looking cactus like plant could be the cure for obesity in the western world.

It is generally accepted in most quarters nowadays, that Hoodia is the most effective natural appetite suppressant currently in existence – but there are often grey areas surrounding the actual Hoodia content in a huge majority of the Hoodia branded diet pills that currently adorn the shelves of health stores and frequently advertised on the internet.

It is estimated 80% of Hoodia brands currently commercially available either do not contain enough of the appetite suppressing element or are made up of replica synthetically produced powder – hardly natural.

Pure Hoodia though is the original South African harvested produce – over a decade of supply and an unchanged business model enables PureSlim (the importers) to compete with the influx of cheaper inferior US imports that currently flood the once unblemished Hoodia market.

If you are new to the concept of Hoodia –

What Is Pure Hoodia

Pure Hoodia, as the name suggests contains nothing but pure, undiluted Hoodia Gordonii powder (not extract as so many competitive brands lead us to believe is the genuine article.)

Pure Hoodia contains 400mg of CITES certified p57 Hoodia powder that is encapsulated into a vegecap and so suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Some competing brands boast 700 and even 100omg – but considering the fact a standard sized vegecap can hold just over 400mg – it does not take too much mathematical ingenuity to deduce that the weaker and largely ineffective Hoodia extract is used in production of the so-called super strength Hoodia product.

Hoodia is what it is,  plain and simple – there is not a super strength Hoodia.

Pure Hoodia Consumer Comments

Customer testimonials, feedback and success stories stretch back for a decade – Pure Hoodia is possibly the diet pill with the longest history.

Does Hoodia Cause Side Effects

Genuine Hoodia Gordonii powder is natural byproduct of the Hoodia Gordonii plant and no processing or chemical additions are present. There are no known side effects to genuine Hoodia Gordonii and in particular Pure Hoodia.

Does Pure Hoodia Work

This is little doubt that the powder from this wonderful natural plant is effective at suppressing appetite and ultimately aiding weight reduction.

Some brands and manufacturers continue (as described above) to dilute the powder (p57 molecule) with additives or use the cheaper extract to give the impression of a super strength product.

Pure Hoodia on the other hand supplies rich genuine Hoodia powder – Pure Hoodia is often imitated but never bettered.

Where To Buy Pure Hoodia

Pure Hoodia is available only from the official website. The product is fully guaranteed and a full refund is offered if not completely satisfied. A telephone number and physical address is supplied and so customer service issues can be attended to with complete visibility.