Dieting Is Proving Too Difficult To Sustain

Latest media reports are indicating that a large number of people that vowed to embark on some sort of diet or weight loss regime for the new year had all but given up. An estimated 9 out of every 10 dieters that took some sort of weight pledge for the new year have reverted back to old habits.

Just over 2.5 million people vowed to lose weight for 2012 – now under a fortnight into the new year only 250,000 remain committed.

Approximately 40 per cent of slimmers admitted that they reverted back to type just a few days in with around 60% revealing that a sunday roast was the catalyst for stopping.

Why is so hard to maintain a diet when now more than any other time have we (in the UK and western world) got access to so many different diet products, weight loss plans and slimming techniques.

Maybe the problem lies herewith, there is just too much choice and too much confusion.

The main reasons cited for quitting a diet are:

  • Hunger – the number one reason, some slimmers think just by not eating it is the solution.
  • Boredom – again, another highly touted reason is thinking eating can solve boredom.
  • Temptation – deprivation makes food even more appealing.
  • Alcohol –  a boozy night out often leads to the munchies.

The bottom line is that dieting is not easy and without some sort of clear goal failure is the most likely outcome. Will-power or rather lack of it plays a major part.

Most diets fail because the participant is at best confused or at worst completely mystified with the rules laid out. If its just complicated to get your head around dont bother, move on to something else.

The best type of diet in our opinion that has ever been created is one designed not to restrict or limit yourself unrealistically. Dont embark on something that you  know deep down there is no chance of seeing through to the bitter end – because there is no bitter end, a successful diet needs to be adopted for life.

All diets work to some degree choose one that you are comfortable with and stick to it. If you need some assistance with will-power there is always the diet pill option.  As our main focus is very much geared towards the diet pill here is a run down of the popular diet pills for 2012.

Popular Diet Pills For 2012