The Size Zero Pill Review – Clenbuterol

Size Zero PillNot so much nowadays but not so long ago Size Zero (or Size 0) was thought the ultimate and pinnacle figure for a female to achieve.

Size Zero refers to the dress size of Size 0 – an American equivalent to the UK dress size 4. Typically a waist size of just 23″ (similar to that of a 7 year old) was considered en vogue and the figure to possess if a young woman wanted to become part of the fashion industry.

Vanity had overtaken sanity as the quest to become as emaciated and thin looking as humanly possible was in demand where the cat walk and fashion publications are concerned.


The diet pill industry has within its ranks the good, the bad and the ugly – the so called Size Zero pill sits well and truly in the ugly corner.

What Is The Size Zero Pill

Size Zero WomanOne of the most searched for slimming tablets on the internet – it was thought to be the ultimate product for a young woman (or anyone at any age) to use to rapidly lose weight and have the figure that society expects.

The Size Zero pill is in fact not a slimming pill but a drug that was created for the animal kingdom and in particular horses to prevent breathing difficulties.

There is nothing remotely natural about it – it is a chemically produced drug for an animal at least for times the size of the average human being.

Size 0 Pill – How Does It Work

The Size 0 Diet Pill supposedly helps the weight loss process by raising the body temperature and increasing the rate at which the blood is pumped around the body.

It has been suggested that some people who have taken the drug have experienced rapid weight loss after just two weeks.

In reality the positive effects of this pill are hugely outnumbered by the dangerous and potentially fatal negative side effects.

Does The Size 0 Diet Pill Work

Consumer reports have shown that a reduction in weight is inevitable but at what cost. The weight reduction is attributed to the use of the Size 0 Pill in almost all cases is short term, the weight is put straight back on again after the traces of  Clenbuterol have left the system.

Size Zero Pill Side Effects

Imagine a drug that increases the heart rate of a large animal – now imagine your heart being subjected to the same kind of medication.

It does not take too much to work out that Clenbuterol can be fatal to humans. Heart attacks, strokes, panic attacks and extreme anxiety can be attributed to using the the Size Zero Diet Pill. It is not a diet pill to take lightly if indeed at all.

Should I Use The Size Zero Diet Pill

If the intention is to lose weight absolutely not – Clenbuterol is approved by the FDA for use on animals – not for human consumption.

Looking Elsewhere

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Proactol is approved by the EU and the MHRA. It has a long history of success and we cannot think of a reason not to invest in Proactol if you are serious about your weight loss.

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