Slim9 Review

Slim9 is a natural and herbal diet supplement formulated to help you lose weight by using 9 weight loss substances that nature has to offer. An initial glance at the list of ingredients and you wouldn’t disagree that the product deserves consideration, there are some pretty tried and tested ingredients present in the formula.

According to the official website it is more that just a diet pill, it can also provide additional energy and stamina allowing the dieter to be more mobile.

Slim9 appears to very USA focused product and possibly contains too many ingredients – a fault in which many commercial products seem to suffer from. Too many ingredients tend to dilute the effect and benefit.

What Is Slim9

As touched upon, a commercial non-prescription diet pill containing 9 natural substances that when combined are thought to provide the following benefits:

  • Helps to decrease excess body fat
  • Increases the body’s metabolic rate
  • Provides additional energy levels
  • Feel healthier and revitalised
  • Acts to suppress appetite and restrict calorie intake
  • Improve your digestive function

How Does Slim9 Work

Possibly the three ingredients that create the most interest are:

Acai Berries have very high antioxidant properties and are the number one superfood. Acai is only effective if it the powdered variety of who, fruit and not the extract and has been freeze dried immediately after harvest. Does the Acai supplied in Slim9 meet this criteria?

Cayenne Pepper is proven to increase metabolism, helping to mobilize unwanted excess body fat. It is arguably one the most effective fat burner in existence

Green Tea raises the metabolism and also has antioxidant properties, helping convert food into energy (fuel for the body) rather than fat and regulating sugar levels, thereby reducing food cravings.

Possible Side Effects

There should not be any issues with side effects or adverse reaction if taken as recommended, all ingredients are natural substances.

Does Slim9 Work Is It Recommended

Although the ingredients list contains studied natural weight loss ingredients, there does not appear to be enough of any one specific ingredient and the less spectacular ingredients tend to dilute the effective ones.

Where To Buy Slim9 In The UK

Ordering options for British customer are limited to the official website. There is not a high street outlet or UK based high street stockist.

Recommended Alternatives

If your main aim is weight loss then its hard to ignore the benefit to had by Capsiplex.

Many column inches has been written about the thermogenic properties contain within its main ingredient, capsicum.

Capsiplex is the fat burner that has spawned dozens of copycat products


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