Chewable Hoodia Bites Review

Chewable Hoodia - Hoodia BitesFor thousands of years the San Tribesmen of the Kalahari used segments of the Hoodia Gordonii plant to suppress appetite when food was at a premium – we have no doubt all heard the story by now.

For those who haven’t – Read Hoodia Facts

There is little doubt that Hoodia Gordonii is an incredibly effective substance for suppressing appetite – quite possibly the most effective natural substance to use for curbing the sensation of hunger. Nevertheless some doubt still exists.

The doubt lies not in  Hoodia itself – but the commercial products that are built around it.

There are Hoodia diet pills, slimming patches, drinks and now we have Hoodia chews – or Hoodia Bites to be specific.

What Are Hoodia Bites

Small bite sized bits of candy that according to the manufacturers is – “The most fast acting form of Hoodia available”

So, not a diet pill to swallow or a slimming patch to wear – but a little piece of confectionery to chew.

Returning back to the South African origins of Hoodia it would be fair to state the most likely delivery method the tribespeople used would be to chew the raw Hoodia plant. So the concept of Hoodia Bites it not far off the truth.

But having said that it is highly unlikely that civilizations past and present would combine the following ingredients with their Hoodia

  • Palm Kernal Oil
  • Soy Extract
  • Isolate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sucralose
  • Salt
  • Soya Lecithin
  • Natural And Artificial Flavouring

Do Hoodia Bites Cause Side Effects

It would be very surprising if they caused any effect at all.

Are Hoodia Bites Worth Considering

If you are into gimmicks then yes – if you are concerned about your figure and are contemplating using Hoodia to aid with appetite suppression, then no.

Other Hoodia Products To Consider

Pure Hoodia – a pure form capsule with genuine CITES certified raw Hoodia Gordonii powder.

Pure Hoodia is one of only a handful of Hoodia products that is legally available in the UK.