Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner Review

Slimquick are makers of many different weight loss and diet supplements, usually aimed at women. Their Ultra Caffeine Free Calorie Burner is a jitter-less hybrid of their Ultra Fat Burner supplement. We will examine this product more closely to see if it will be of any use to serious dieters, or to those who just want to shed a few pounds.

Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner’s ingredients are virtually the same as their original Ultra Fat Burner. The only differences are that the Calorie Burner doesn’t have caffeine in it, but it does contain acai extract.

Main Ingredients

  • Rhodiola Extract – Which is a great stress reducer.
  • Acai Extract – Acai berries contain many fantastic benefits purported to be weight loss through to anti aging.
  • Green Tea – A time-tested ingredient which aids the fat oxidation process in the body, along with boosting the metabolic rate.
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Features of the product

The Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner is a supplement meant to assist women with weight loss by addressing 6 obstacles that make shedding the pounds more difficult. It assists with providing antioxidants, burning calories, increasing the metabolic rate, reducing stress levels, combating tiredness and burning carbohydrates.

It is good that there are many vital vitamins within the supplement. Green tea can be a good fat loss aid when consumed in the correct dosage but, with no natural caffeine included, it will probably not produce the same results. Brown seaweed has fucoxathin in it, which is a proven appetite suppressor. Uva-ursi’s a diuretic that pulls h2o from the body, assisting with h2o weight reduction.

Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner pros

  • An easily available product which can be obtained from many retailers both on the web and offline.
  • Has identical ingredients to Slimquick’s original fat loss supplement, but with decaffeinated green tea to eradicate the side effects.

Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner cons

  • There does not appear to be sufficient green tea within the formula to offer substantial fat reduction results.
  • Using this product for over sixteen weeks in a row is not recommended.
  • Twenty helpings are included in each container, with two helpings required each day, making this quite a costly supplement for regular use.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a refund process or guarantee.

Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner Verdict

On the face of it, this supplement looks fine. But, without knowing what quantity of each ingredient is within the formula, it is impossible to accurately assess how well this product will help women to slim down. This supplement is not suitable for men, and thus loses a big chunk of the weight loss market.

All in all, Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner is a caffeine-free dietary supplement that might produce moderate results, but still lacks the necessary kick to help its’ users lose significant weight.

Where To Buy Slim Quick Ultra Calorie Burner In The UK

Can be purchased from nay outlets in the UK high street. Not available either instore at Boots or via their online webstore.

Alternative Diet Pills

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