T5 Diet Pills Review

T5 Diet Pills

Forza have a solid reputation within the diet pill industry and are particularly well versed in producing strong fat burners.

The flagship range in their portfolio is arguably the T5 with an estimated 1 million units shipped in the UK, the States and across Europe.

It looks as though they are planning to eclipse everything that has gone before with the introduction of what they consider to be the strongest T5 fat burner ever produced.

Forza T5 Super Strength Black Ltd Edition

A limited quantity of 2000 units have been manufactured with every individual bottle allocated a unique serial number – this is an extremely clever piece of marketing. Either way if the future can imitate the past it should not take too long to deplete stock levels.

The T5 Super Strength is now available to buy and could be caped at 3 units per customer or transaction.

“Perhaps its biggest selling point is that it can helps to turn excess body fat into lean muscle mass”

T5 Fat Burners Explained

If you are unfamiliar with T5 fat burners as a genre then hopefully this will acquaint you. T5’s traditionally were targeted at athletes and the sports ready but have now found their way into the mainstream diet and weight loss industry.

T5’s are are often advertised in fitness, lifestyle and health magazines

The original T5 Super Strength product contained the 100mg of the formula Activ-Rx Hcl whereas the limited addition (Black) now carries half as much again (150mg).

  • Burns excess fat targeting stubborn areas such as stomach, hips, waist and bottom
  • Regulates metabolic rate helping the body to mobilise fatty deposits and provide and ebergy boost
  • Works for hours using time release technology helping your body avoid the crash

T5 Super Strength Benefits

Perhaps its biggest selling point is that it can help to turn excess body fat into lean muscle mass.

Potential Side Effects

Nothing of an adverse is associated with T5’s as a genre but it is important to remember T5’s are better suited to people with either a mobile lifestyle or want to gain the impetus to become more mobile.

In laymans terms – if you understand that the reason for your expanding waistline is your sedentary lifestyle and want an extreme energy boost then T5 is the diet pill genre for you.

Where To Buy T5 Super Strength Black

Currently available to buy from Forza authorised distributors.

Pricewise they are not cheap costing a shade under £40 per bottle.

Recommended Fat Burner

PhenQ buy directOur recommendation is for PhenQ – a multiple action diet pill that burn excess body fat as well as blocking fat and suppressing appetite.

PhenQ is available direct from the manufacturer who offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping.

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Apidexin UK Review

Apidexin Diet Pill – Does It Work

Apidexin UK diet pillThe official Apidexin website claims that they have a 2% return rate – whilst not wishing to disbelieve this admirable statistic, one probable cause could be that customers  and consumers alike cannot contact the company behind the product.

So many diet pill producers seem only to rely on a web presence and do not seem to have a bricks and mortar structure behind (or least well hidden) that does nothing to inspire confidence in the product.

As soon as you land on the official website, the message – Lose up to 400% More Weight – presents itself. The question is … lose 400% more weight than what?

What Is Apidexin

A non prescription fat burner that contains 8 patent pending ingredients geared towards helping you lose weight – or so says the research and development team appointed by the manufacturers.


Meratol is now shipping  to the UK

The combination carb blocker, fat burner and appetite suppressant

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The marketing material highlights the fact that this R&D team were given the directive to produce the Worlds Strongest Fat Burner.

What Is In Apidexin

  • Bioperine – a substance that can speed up the rate of fat absorption
  • Razberi-K – a substance that can help the body reduce fat levels
  • Infinergy – Dicaffeine Malate – increases the body’s metabolism, while introducing higher energy levels
  • Forslean 95% Forskohliin – can increase lean muscle tissue
  • Lipolide-SC – a substance that can burns excess levels of fatty deposits
  • Guggul EZ-100™ – optimizes thryroid gland function and also aids  blood levels
  • Thermodiamine™ 98% evodiamine – aids in the oxidization process
  • Wakame™ Seaweed 10% Fucoxanthin – Increases the metabolism

Fucoxanthin is an interesting ingredient and used in FucoThin – it is also interesting to note that the ingredients above are patent pending and yet no reference to this is made available via FucoThin

Does Apidexin Cause Side Effects

Diet pills that produce a fat burning effect can cause side effects. They are classed as stimulants and can cause restlessness, insomnia and raise the heart rate.

Apidexin Customer Reports And Success Stories

Customer testimonials on product sites can usually be taken with a pinch of salt – looking elsewhere the side effects mentioned above seem be a general theme running though a majority of the independent consumer reviews and comments.

Apidexin Does It Work

There is little doubt that Apidexin can burn fat – but at what cost. Any potential buyer should be aware of the potential side effects and should be expecting the worlds strongest fat burner. A high majority of non prescription herbal based diet pill claim to be the worlds strongest.

Where To Buy Apidexin

Either from their official website or countless other websites that are scattered across the internet. There does not seem to be a restriction on distribution.

If you do decide to buy it is highly advisable to consider the lack of contact details on the website – could be problematic if you need to invoke any customer service issues, especially UK customers.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex – A premium strength fat burner that is becoming the best selling diet pill in the UK.

Capsiplex can also boast a wide variety of weight loss success stories from the celebrity and ordinary world.

If you are considering buying or using a diet pill then give Capsiplex serious consideration.

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