Are You Hungry Or Thirsty?

Hungry or thirstyThe human brain can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger signals – in other words, we are not necessarily hungry but thirsty.

Just imagine if all of those extra snacks between meals could have been replaced with a glass of water – you wouldn’t be reading this and most probably not in need of solution to rid those unwanted extra pounds.

The average human being (if there is such a thing) that lives in the western world where water is in abundance does not take on enough fluids on a daily basis – this can often lead to minor health issues to begin with that can lead to greater and more serious problems.

Over 60% of our body is water – water (or fluids) are essential to maintain optimum health in our internal organs such as our kidneys and liver.

Water As An Appetite Suppressant

Just as our brain can misinterpret thirst signals for hunger, the same is also true in reverse – so use this to your advantage!

Water is the cheapest and most natural of appetite suppressants. The nest time you feel hungry and are thinking of a snack try a glass of water instead.

On a serious note – lack of fluid can cause health problems in later life especially where the liver and kidneys are concerned.

Some interesting facts about water

  • 70% of adults in the UK are dehydrated
  • Even the slightest form of dehydration will slow down your metabolism by almost half
  • A simple glass water can significantly reduce the urge to eat
  • The number cause of daytime fatigue is through lack of water
  • Dehydration can cause temporary dementia and loss of memory
  • 1.5 liters of water per day can ease joint and back pain

There are more than enough reasons above to ensure that you include an adequate amount of water in your daily diet.