Zantrex Diet Pills Used By Snooki

Diminutive US reality TV starlet Snooki has been parading her new slimmer figure in front of the cameras.

The Jersey Store actress has shed a reported 15 lbs and initially attributed a healthy eating plan coupled with a vigorous exercise regime as the reason for weight loss success – but later admitted on her social networking page, twitter, that she cheated and employed the use a fat burning diet pill called Zantrex.

Zantrex or Zantrex 3 to give its proper brand name is a US manufactured diet pill that is available to buy with prescription (and has been for several years) but several associated side effects including palpitations, anxiety, cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, raised heart rate and irritability have not endeared this fat burner to a UK audience.

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Zantrex is pretty difficult to buy in the UK high street with stockists at a premium. It can be purchased online from a variety of web stores but bare in mind the product ships from overseas so may be subject to delays.

Snooki is the latest in a long line of reality and soap stars to undergo a figure transformation with another Jersey Shore actress, Jwoww attributing Ab Cuts as the reason for her success.

Just to even the score our very own Roxanne Pallett (formally Jo Sugden in Emmerdale) has had her weight loss story revealed in the UK media. Roxanne employed the use of a fat burner called Capsiplex.

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Capsiplex is the produce of Scottish based Advanced Health and is said to help burn nearly 280 calories per day. When Capsiplex was first introduced to the UK it did rather well selling in excess of 50,000 advance orders and has now made over 1.5 million sales across the world.

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