Unique Hoodia Now With Bioperine

UK Hoodia Gordonii diet product Unique Hoodia have just improved their formula.

Unique Hoodia still contains undiluted pure P57 Hoodia powder but now contains an ingredient that can speed up the absorption.

This ingredient is called Bioperine, a revolutionary but natural substance that is extracted from the Piper Nigrum plant that can expedite the absorption of Hoodia by 30%.

The consequence of this is that the appetite suppressing effect occurs at a much quicker rate than previously.

Bioperine is scientifically researched to be safe and extremely effective.

The current market has no other Hoodia product that contains Bioperine, how much longer until competitive brands follow suit.

We cannot emphasise strongy enough that if you do intend on using a Hoodia based appetite suppressant then Unique Hoodia should be given serious consideration.

Unique Hoodia is still the UK’s premier Hoodia product and is competitively priced at £17.00 per box for a 6 months supply.

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