Unique Hoodia 460mg Review

Unique Hoodia appetite suppressantThe concept of Hoodia Gordonii can be confusing – with dozens of diet pills, patches and drinks available to the consumer the options are too great and the chances of buying something that could prove wasteful in terms of time and money, too high.

Hoodia Gordonii is not a brand but the substance contained in the Hoodia Gordonii plant – it is left to the various manufacturers to cast their unique spin on their particular products.

The United States has approximately 80% of the Hoodia market – a cursory browse around the web will return dozens of products most leading with the Oprah Winfrey association on their official websites and all trying to convince that their particular brand is the best and most effective.


For the record and in attempt to dispel any myths surrounding what you may have heard and read:

  • Oprah has not stated that she has used Hoodia or any specific brand.
  • Ignore products that claim that 700mg, 850mg or even 1000mg is the maximum potency.
  • Raw powder is most beneficial to suppressing appetite, extract is not.

While the majority of the USA focused Hoodia suppliers try to compete offering the highest number, ie 700mg, 850mg and even 1000mg.

Unique Hoodiaoffer what is considered to be the maximum capacity that a standard sized vegecap can hold, just over 400mg (or 460mg to be precise)

This brings us to Unique Hoodia

What Is Unique Hoodia

CITES CertificateIt can only be assumed that the brand name Unique Hoodia gives reference to the fact that it is only one of possibly a handful of Hoodia Gordonii diet products that actually offer the real thing – raw powder (not extract)

Raw powder can take take years to harvest unlike extract that be can ready for human consumption in a fraction of the time. This is the reason why raw powder products retain a premium price whereas products that use extract are becoming cheaper.

Unique Hoodia is harvested in South Africa, has a legitimate CITES Certificate and distributes from the UK

If price is your main driver – buy a Hoodia extract product. If weight loss via appetite suppression is your goal buy a raw powder product.

Is Unique Hoodia Better Than Other Hoodia Diet Pills

Its not so much that Unique Hoodia is better than other products its the simple fact that genuine Hoodia raw powder is used in production, no filler ingredients are used and maximum potency is provided by filling the vegecap to capacity.


Couple this with the figures that a large percentage of existing customers re order is testament to the product.

Where To Buy Unique Hoodia

Buy Unique HoodiaUnique Hoodia is available to buy from the official website. Orders can placed either online or by telephone. Use the discount voucher code UHCR10 to claim 10% discount from 4 month supply and above.

A full 6 month guarantee is offered.

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