Vanessa Feltz Gastric Band

Vanessa Feltz has admitted to having a Gastric band fitted after reaching a monumental 16 stone.

Vanessa, now a radio broadcaster said she wanted be open and honest about the operation unlike fellow presenter Fern Britton who underwent a similar procedure a few years ago.

Vanessa has always struggled with her weight and is a classic example of the weight loss yoyo effect, where weight can be lost and then put straight back on again.

Losing weight and keeping it at a manageable level is not a short term gig for some its a constant battle and lifetime work in progress.

She will now have to be restricted to consuming just 1000 calories a day for the rest of her life.

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What Is The Gastric Band

Gastric Banding involves an almost torturous peice of equipment planted internally and adjusted at regular intervals…. yeagh

Gastric Banding should be considered a last resort when all other methods of a more natural weight loss process has not been successful, not only due only to the high cost but also the potential risk to health.

Anything that involves evasive surgery on a major organ carries risk.

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