Water Diet Pills For Weight Loss

Water Tablets for weight lossOne of the most common used diet or weight loss products is the Water Tablet.

Many dieters are prone to carrying excess water and so the use of  something to eliminate this additional water may seem at first to be a perfectly natural way to lose extra poundage.

Water tablets are often refered to as a Water Diet Pill

It is when then the harmless water tablet is inpected a little more closely than some potential dangers are revealed.

What Types Of Water Tablets Are There

There are two distinct types of water tablet:

  • Loop Diuretics
  • Thiazides

Plus a combination of the above.

What Do Water Tablets Do

The primary function of a Water Diet Pill is to instruct the kidneys to eliminate sodium from the body. This causes an elimination of excess fliud in the process.

The most common usage for water tablets and duiretics in particular is to reduce high blood pressure – weight loss is a secondary effect.

Side Effects From Water Diet Pills

Water tablets are only meant for the short term only – any more than 7 days usage and you run the risk of developing health problems.

The first “side effect” is the removal of excess water (water retention) this will lead to a very slight reduction in body weight – not body fat. As soon as the body is rehydrated, this weight reduction is reversed.

Another potential side effect is low blood pressure.  As the tablets can reduce high blood pressure – if your blood pressure is considered normal the tablet can reduce your pressure to a dangerously low level.

Any kind of water tablet should only be used under the strict supervision of your GP.

Should I Buy Water Diet Pills

No matter how tempting or harmless a “Water tablet” may appeal or sound – they are definately not recommended to be used in connection with your diet.

Alternative Diet Pills

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