Zsa Zsa Luxe Anti Ageing Cream

The British media are going Zsa Zsa crazy it would appear as the anti-ageing senstation in the United States has arrived here in the UK.

The Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) are all over American billboards, magazine articles and television adverts expect more of the same here in Britain.

What Is Zsa Zsa Cream I Hear You Ask

Zsa Zsa (or Zsa Zsa Luxe) is a range of high end beauty products that are based on some pretty startling new ingredients (plant stem cell is particularly interesting.)

The flaghship product Zsa Zsa Luxe Rejuvenation Creme is being billed as the alternative to botox injections and a fraction of the cost.

Both the New York Times and Vogue magazine has had their say with “A New Breed In Anti-Aging Product” and “The New Fountain Of Youth” respectively.

What Can Zsa Zsa Cream Do For Me

The are nine specially formulated ingredients that target specific areas of the face and neck to combat a multitude of ageing issues. Powerful peptides innovative plant stem cells, and essential amino acids combat all aspects of skin health and skin aging.

Zsa Zsa Does The Following.

  • Targets the bigger wrinkles and lines
  • Prevents and smoothes expression lines
  • Helps reduce the sign of crows feet
  • Brings back youthful complexion
  • Protect against UV damage
  • Combat oxidative stress & sagging skin

Taking Away All The Media Hype Is Zsa Zsa Worth Trying

Zsa Zsa has some real pretty conclusive clinical data to validate their message.

This except from the official website explains about plant stem cell research and its benefit to human ageing

“In nature, Gamay grapes from Beaujolais, France possess a rare tolerance to strong UV rays which makes it ideal for winemaking. When used in cosmetics, Swiss Scientists reports that grape stem cells protects the skin against UV stress, delays cell aging, helps the skin maintain their stem cell characteristics and fights aging caused by the sun.

Where To Buy Zsa Zsa Cream In The Uk

Currently the official website is the legitimate UK stockist. Boots Superdrug, Tesco are not planning to become official suppliers.

Zsa Zsa is a high end premium product but is quite competitively priced – one bottle will cost you around £60.00