Boots Metabolism Support Review

Boots Metabolism Support is another Boots own brand product to co-exist with Slim Aid, Carb Control, Triple Action Slim Aid and Fat Control

Boots has pretty much covered all the diet pill genres with there current weight loss product portfolio.

Usually Boots are innovators but this latest addition it appears at first glance that have merely copied an existing product to some degree and branded as their own.

Metabolism Support is capsicum or red hot chili product in a similar vein to Capsiplex

This is by no means to discredit Boots as anything that arrives from the Boots Pharmaceuticals research and development team is sure to be a premium product.

How Does Boots Metabolism Support Work (Boots Own Explanation)

  • Boots Pharmaceuticals Metabolism Support contains Capsaicinoids which are extracted from chillies and red hot peppers.
  • Scientific trials have shown that this ingredient can support your body’s metabolism to help burn more calories before, during and after exercise.
  • This product can also be used during non exercise days.
  • Use in tandem with a weight management programme.

Will It Cause Side Effects

Unlikely to cause any side effects if taken in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and directives.

Where To Buy Metabolism Support

In store at Boots

Is It Recommended

As a genre most definitely, but the capsicum, red hot chili technology was introduced by Advanced Health by the introduction of Capsiplex

Alternative To Metabolism Support

As mentioned above, Capsiplex.

The original red hot chili diet pill – Capsiplex has enjoyed massive media exposure throughout the the UK, Europe and the United States.

Capsiplex sold a reported 1 million units in its first 6 months of release and completely sold out after just three days.

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