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The Quick Trim line of dietary supplements have been recently endorsed by and associated with Kim Kardashian, that has been well documented. But, beyond the showbiz glitz, does anything about these products stand out.

The range includes a supplement shake, at least 2 herbal supplements, a cleansing aid and a gel to lessen cellulite. Any Dieter signing up to the complete Quick Trim program is advised to use all Quick Trim supplements to achieve weight reduction. Many big retailers also stock these supplements individually.

Quick Trim gives several programs using different medications to select from. Apparently, these produce variable results. This plan is quite costly, so Dieters will need to seriously consider if they should commit to following it.

There are several individually packaged products in the Quicktrim portfolio including

  • Burn and Cleanse
  • Fast Cleanse
  • Extreme Burn
  • HotStix
  • Sugar and Carb Cheater

It looks as if the various herbal supplements contain some stimulant ingredients, like green tea extract, black pepper, caffeine and white willow. Inside the cleansing supplement are some diuretics, a couple of which (uva ursi and Juniper berry) could result in liver damage. The precise ingredients depends on the specific product being used.

Quick Trim What is In it

Cumulatively, the ingredients in Quick Trim are supposed to cleanse undesirable toxins and chemicals out of the body, and burn fat. Cleansing and detox are a modern dietary fad, because they apparently allow the body to operate better, and make losing weight and shedding fat a more straightforward task.

It is purported that good results will be evident within a couple of days, and that top athletes and Hollywood stars have been taking Quick Trim for quite some time.

Massive advertising budgets and branding aside though, there does not seem to be anything which differentiates Quick Trim from any other similar product.

The incomplete ingredients list which is offered suggests that it is virtually the same as innumerable other caffeine based products on the market. Some individuals could appreciate the novelty of picking various gels, shakes and pills, but other people will regard the need to use so many different supplements as bewildering and unnecessarily costly.

Quick Trim Positives

  • The products are backed by a well-known celebrity.
  • Big drugs-store outlets, like GNC, supply the supplements.

Quick Trim Negatives

*The multiple supplement Quick Trim range can rapidly become expensive.
*No complimentary trials are offered by the manufacturer at the moment.
*Scientific data is not shown.
*Might result in constipation.
*Quick Trim products look like they contain large amounts of caffeine.

Quick Trim Final Thoughts

With the backing of the Kardashian sisters, Quick Trim has managed to immediately position itself as a well-known dietary aid. The Quick Trim name has been used on multiple products, such as protein shakes, various pills, and even a treatment gel for cellulite. Nonetheless, there is a notably small amount of information concerning the contents of Quick Trim products.

Quick Trim diet tablets are said to be FDA approved, but clinical data on Quick Trim products is not offered to support this assertion. Hence, it could be more sensible to opt for a product that has  its’ clinical evidence and ingredients clearly displayed.

Very Hard To Recommend

Alternatives To Consider

The UK it seems is privy to an embarrassment of riches as far as fat burner are concerned with PhenQ leading the pack

Phen375 fat burner is also a huge favourite as is the Forza T5 range.

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Urban Health Acai Powder

Urban Health Acai Powder Review

The acai berry fruit comes from acai palm trees. Native Americans have harvested this fruit for centuries, making it a staple of their diet.

However, in recent years, acai berry has attracted publicity in the west, thanks to its’ incredible mixture of health-supporting nutrients, amongst them mono-unsaturated fats and dietary fibre.

Holland and Barrett Urban Health Acai Powder comes in a box of 30 sachets, each containing 100% natural, premium, powdered Acai that is produced in sustainable, small villages in the Amazonian Rainforest.

Acai berry is most famous as a supplement for weight loss, due to the way it can increase the metabolic rate. This occurs as a result of the extremely large quantity of anti-oxidants (substances that stop cell damage and oxidative stress) it has in it.

This produces a quicker breakdown of fat, increases levels of energy and combats tiredness. Altogether, these effects ensure that the process of weight loss is easier and quicker, without the side-effects normally linked to synthetic chemicals.

Acai Powder Precautions

Not every acai product is created equal. Different manufacturing processes for creating acai berry products produce different levels of overall purity and nutrients.

The spray dried process utilizes heat and harsh chemicals to produce acai powder, eliminating much of the nutritional content. Frequently, this process is used because it costs 10% of the money it costs to freeze-dry acai. Acai produced like this is a waste of cash.

Holland and Barrett claims to take great care of their Acai so that it will still be bursting with all of the anti-oxidant goodness, once it reaches you, that it had when harvested. They say that:

  • No pesticides or herbicides are utilized while the berries are growing.
  • The water content is removed at a low temperature, to maintain the goodness within the Acai powder.
  • The tasty Acai powder then gets packaged into convenient foil sachets to restrict oxidation and light, ensuring it stays fresh.

Holland and Barrett say that the finished result is a ready-to-mix drink, that naturally gives you healthy omega fats, anti-oxidants, vitamins, vital amino acids and fibre.

It is always essential to know which drying method is utilized with Acai. Because Holland and Barrett use a low temperature, this should ensure that the process happens in an oxygen free vacuum, stopping oxidative reactions from disintegrating the nutrients. This process is the best way of sustaining the array of nutrients present in Acai. Every study which validates acai’s nutritional content was carried out on acai that had been freeze dried.

Urban Health Acai Powder Conclusion

Holland and Barrett do have a good reputation, and the small amount of customer feedback about this product online has been positive. Customers have remarked that the sachets are convenient to carry around, and that they approve of the product’s ethical sourcing and strict manufacturing conditions.

Nonetheless, potential customers should remember that the actual product ingredients can not be completely verified because no acai products, as of April 2012, have been assessed (in the US) by the FDA.

Recommended Acai Supplements

Possibky the best way to take acai is by capsule with Evolution Slimming’s Acai Plus being one of the most sought after and trusted products in the UK.

Acai Plus included freeze dried powder and green tea.

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HCG Platinum X-30 Diet Drops

HCG Platinum X-30 Review

The marketing for HCG Platinum claims that this product will help you shed as much as one pound each day with a completely natural supplement.

The original formula is said to use clinically verified ingredients, made within an FDA approved facility. To get the optimum results, it is advised that you should consume HCG Platinum along with a diet of five hundred calories each day.

HCG is a hormone produced by women once they get pregnant. This hormone prompts the body to stop preserving energy and storing fat, so the fetus can be fed.

For the non-pregnant users, the body will just burn the excess fat and turn it into added energy.

Stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin  – is a hormone produced during pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo after conception, and later by the placental component syncytiotrophoblast. Up until a few years ago a majority of HCG (diet drops) contained actual hormones, nowadays though the premier product are hormone-free.

Nonetheless, the diet drops don’t actually have the HCG hormone in them. Instead, they contain powerful amino acids to help you to burn fat, control your appetite, grow muscle and enhance your flow of blood for a less risky experience.

HCG Platinum includes a success guide with each product purchased. This guide explains how to eat healthily and also offers healthy recipes.

HCG Platinum Positives

  • It sheds calories effectively. Many experts do advise against low-calorie diets. The reason for this is that it might force the body into a “starvation mode”, that can result in a diet plateau and muscle loss. The Platinum blend, however, will allow your body to adapt better and sustain your muscle tissue.
  • Has no stimulants in it. This eradicates lots of frequent diet supplement side-effects, including the jitters, headaches and insomnia.
  • It works well to suppress hunger cravings.

HCG  Platinum Negatives

  • Some users might encounter irritability during early stages of the HCG Platinum diet. This is mainly due to diet alterations. This problem normally improves within several days.
  • It is a bit expensive. Its retail price is £50.00 / $89.99 (for one ounce). Although, you can buy HCG Platinum online at a discount.


GNC, the brand owner, are a reputable company and there are many positive customer testimonials about this product online.

However, it is worth remembering that this product does not replace many of the minerals and vitamins that your body will need after significantly reducing its’ calorie intake. So, you will have to be sure to do something to replace these minerals and vitamins, particularly the vitamin B12.

Unlike many other similar products, it has not successfully addressed this problem in their weight loss supplement. So, if you are going to use HCG Platinum, make certain that you have a plan separate from taking the diet-drops, that will keep you healthy once you begin to shed the pounds.

It also provides a seven day refund policy though, which is quite a rarity in the diet industry. Their customer support staff are also available via telephone, email and live chat on the product’s official website. Overall then, it is a pretty neutral verdict, so proceed with caution if you do take the plunge.

Where To Buy HCG Platinum X-30 Diet Drops UK

The GNC website would be a good place to start.

Recommended Alternative

Diet drops are pretty much en vogue presently but although HCG products are now virtually all hormone free there is still an auspicious reputation to overcome.

A rival technology – LDD (Liquid Diet Drops) appears to be making headway and is recoomended in preference.

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