Diet Pills Buyers Guide

Diet Pill Buyers GuideDeciding whether or not to use a diet pill in your weight loss battle is hard enough decision, but once the decision has been made to use one, the problem really starts.

There are contributing factors that stand between you and finding the best diet pill. The most important are obviously effectiveness, avoiding or understanding the health risks that could be associated and the cost – along with ease of purchase.

In the last decade or so, diet pills have been subject to more than their fair share of negative press – and not without good reason.

There are diet products that are perfectly safe to use and are clinically proven to help you lose weight. On the flip side though, there are products that either could pose a health risk or offer relatively nothing in terms of weight loss.

The web is a good resource for information but can often produce contradicting results and at worse misleading information.

Where your health is concerned it is of paramount importance to understand exactly what you are buying and what it is you are about to introduce into your body.

Profit is of course the number one priority in most businesses and not least the diet pill industry – with this in mind do not believe everything you read on the many hundreds of diet pill or weight loss related websites that proliferate the internet.

Diet pills, weight loss tablets or slimming supplements, call them what you will, can be dissected into many groups or categories. The major groups are ones that can purchased freely either in health stores, supermarkets, the high street or the web and those that cannot be purchased and are prescription only.

Prescription Diet Pills

Presctiption Diet PillsAs the name suggests, these  are diet pills that can only be obtained via prescription from a GP or doctor. GP’s are not likely to prescribe at your request – there has to be a major reason why a prescription diet pill is necessary.

If you have a Body Mas Index (BMI) of 35 or above you may be a suitable candidate as you are within the obese category and should take immediate steps to reduce your weight.

Prescription diet pills cannot be legally purchased – they should only originate from a GP prescription and collected from a chemist.

Prescription only diet pills can be purchased from the internet or black market – it is highly advised that you resist temptation as a high number of black market or contraband prescription diet pills are fake or replica produce.

There is reason why prescription diet pills are reserved for the judgment of your GP – most are pharmaceutically produced drugs and can cause a vast array of side effects ranging from the minor irritant the more life threatening.

Non Prescription Diet Pills

Non Prescription Diet PillsThe non prescription diet pill market is also known as the over the counter market and has hundreds if not thousands of products offering a vast array of products from both ends of the scale as far as effectiveness is concerned.

It is here that the consumer relies on what they read or recommendations from magazine articles or from the web.

Buying a diet pill from the over the counter marketplace can be gamble.

There are 3 distinct types of diet pills offering varying degrees of potential success.

The Fat Burner

Fat Burners –  are not available via prescription and quite possibly the most widely used mechanic of action. Fat burners can be hit or miss – a premier fat burner such as Capsiplex or Phen375 will give you an outstanding chance of weight loss success compared to some of the highly spurious fat burning products in circulation.

If you are an athlete, sportsman or woman and lead a very active lifestyle – a fat burner can provide additional energy as well as a weight loss benefit.

The Appetite Suppressant

Appetite Suppressants – suppressing appetite is one the most effective methods that promotes long term weight loss. Reducing the quantity of food consumed will result in a natural, manageable and healthy reduction in weight body fat and overall body mass.

Reducing calorific intake gradually over time is a scientific, research driven method that forms the basis of most effective diet plans and weight loss programs.

The less food you eat, the less body fat you will produce.

Will power, or lack of it is the most probable reason why a diet may fail. Diet pills that produce an appetite suppressing effect provide the will power.

Some appetite suppressants are available via prescription and some can be purchased over the counter. Hoodia Gordonii is one of the most commonly sold over the counter appetite suppressants.

The Fat Stoppers

Fat Stoppers – fat blockers and fat binders are the third distinct type of diet pill – fat blockers are regularly prescribed by GP’s and doctors for morbidly obese patients – fat blockers prevent fat from being absorbed. The unabsorbed fat can then pass through the body and leave via bowel movements.

Diet pills that stop fat (especially fat blockers) can sometimes produce an anal leakage problem – although this can be unpleasant it is a sure sign that the fat from your food is not being digested by your stomach. Read More about Fat Binders and Fat Blockers