Fullfast Appetite Suppressing Spray

Fullfast Appetite Control Review

FULLfast is a unique and novel way to attempt to control hunger pangs and suppress appetite.

It has been formulated to work in tandem with your body and brain to reduce excessive feelings of hunger. These feelings that are often present when dieting.

Just three sprays under the tongue five times a day are the suggested dosage to keep hunger at bay.

The creators of Fullfast suggest the appetite suppressing effect should be felt in around 5 days of usage.

Although the information given on Fullfast’s website suggests is safe to take in combination with other medicines, it is highly advised to consult with your GP first.

What Is In Fullfast

The ingredient list is natural composition and contains contains Guarana Fluid Extract which helps control hunger spikes while following calorie controlled diets. It also contains Griffonia Simplicifolia – a type of plant which is a natural source of the serotonin precursor L-5-hydroxytryptophan.

Does Fullfast Work Is It Suggested

Very hard to recommend, a distinct lack of clinical proof is offered – first impressions are this is a product that offers “quirkiness” rather than effect.

Where To Buy Fullfast

Can be purchased from the Fullfast website

Other Appetite Suppressant To Consider

Suppressing the appetite is one of the most effective methods of weight control. It has been scientifically proven and clinical studied.

Appetite suppressants can be obtained via prescription from your GP if you weight situation warrants a course or commercial products can be purchased over the internet or at your local pharmacy or chemist.

One of the most popular commercial products is Proactol Plus. Proactol Plus is fully certified and meets all necessary regulations. It can help reduce your daily calorie intake by 295 calories.

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New Wonder Diet Pill

New Wonder Diet Pill That Reduces Body Fat By Half

New wonder diet pill to reduce body fat in 7 days2009 is most definitely the year of the diet pill.

No sooner has the furore surrounding Alli abated – another self professed wonder diet pill has appeared on the horizon.

The  online version of the  Daily Express newspaper were the first to break the story  – Wonder Pill Cuts Fat By Half

This is reference to a dramatic discovery by a team of scientists that have created a formula that could reduce body fat by just under 50% in 7 days.

It is suggested that the treatment will be available in around 5 years and almost certainly a chemical compound drug medication and via prescription only.

As yet,  no absolute specifics have been revealed – but what is understood thus far is that the drug is an artificiallly enhanced hormonal combination of glucagon and a glucagon derivative. Glucagon is a natural hormone that controls how our body converts fuel (fat) into energy.

New Wonder Diet Pill Clinical Trials

Prescription anti obesity drugs do not have a great track record. In recent months two high profile diet drugs have come under immense scrutiny as serious, potentially fatal side effects have been documented.

Acomplia based on the drug Rimonabant was withdrawn from public consumption after an alarmingly high number of health issues were reported – some fatal.

Alli and serious side effectsThis was closely followed by potentially serious side effects that could be connected with Alli (the over the counter diet drug based on Orlistat).

Alli is still available to purchase.

More about Alli Side Effects

Obesity and the associated health risks such as diabetes, heart diease and even cancer are a great strain on the NHS financially.

To this end it gives the impression that in their haste to find a cure,  scientists are not dedicating enough time to understanding the long term ramifications of the drugs that they create.

The biggest factor involved with connection to the safety aspectt of any product is time – lets hope the 5 year wait will not be in vein.

Chemically Produced Diet Drugs  Or Natural Herbal Slimming

Quite a wide spectrum of choice. Chemically produced diet drugs offer possibly a quicker weight loss solution but best described as weight loss nuclear style.

natural slimming tablets least likley to cause side effectsPharmaceuatically created drugs often create just as many health issues as they solve.

The natural world has several substances that have been used for centuries and often included in many of todays comercially available slimming products.

Natural based slimming products are less likely to cause an adverse reaction.

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The Alli Diet Plan

Alli Diet Plan Book Review

Alli Diet Plan Book ReviewAfter the successful releases of the Alli diet pill in UK, the Alli diet plan is now available to buy.

The Alli Diet Plan is a 350 page paperback book detailing exactly what Alli is, what it does and what to expect. Well the first 30 pages are at least.

After the 3rd chapter is completed the diet plan stops becoming all about Alli and starts becoming essentially a recipe book! ideal if you are looking for a different slant on spinach and mushroom pasta bake or in desperate need to satisfy a leek and mustard mash fetish.

At a cost of £9.95 is the Alli Diet Plan good value!

What Is The Alli Diet Plan

Using one or two phrases from the marketing literature “Diet + Alli = a 50% boost in weight loss” not sure exactly what this means but “for every 2lb you lose from your own efforts – Alli can help you lose 1lb more” it pretty clear cut.

As Alli is sold on both sides of the Atlantic I guess one jingoistic attention grabbing soundbite is needed for the United Stated, while the UK prefers a more traditional understated explanation.

Alli Diet Plan RecipeMarketing aside, the Alli diet plan consists of the Alli Diet pill, reviewed in depth here and what just appears to be the absolute basics by way of a diet plan added on for padding.

The first several pages should be a prerequisite: it is explained in detail that there are different enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats and that the active ingredient (Orlistat) only prevents the breakdown of fat so that the other nutrients can slip through.

Alli Diet Pill Review – here

After the necessary introductions the potential side effects (known as the Alli oops) are quickly glossed over and lead into a chapter of classic fluff with gems such as:

“Dont go shopping when your hungry as you may be tempted by fatty convenience food”

Bottom Line – Is The Alli Diet Plan Any Good

The first several pages are product specific and insightful but nothing you cannot get on the web for free. It could be argued that GlaxoSmithKline could have condensed the book into a leaflet and enclose for free.

The rest of the book is pure padding – there are one or two interesting ideas, but at around a tenner one of Jamie Olivers healthy eating books offers better value – plus you get pictures.

The Alli diet pill itself is not a bad product (after all it is based on the most commonly prescribed and most successful diet pill in history) it is just that the whole Alli marketing machine is trying too hard to promote what is essentially a good product into a great one!

Where To Buy The Alli Diet Plan Book

Almost everywhere that stocks the Alli Pill – Boots, Tesco, Superdrug etc…

Alli in UK StoresAlli hits the shelves of UK stores

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