Phen375 Before And After Photos

Real Before And After Phen375 Pictures

Over the last few months there have been many articles and reviews dedicated to Phen375 – a majority of them exalting its merits in a very positive manner. If you do a search for “diet pills” or something similar on Bing, Google or Yahoo you are returned with page after page of slimming supplements and diet pills that look alarmingly similar.

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How does Phen375 acquire so many before and after photos? – quite simply they ask people to send them in to them. Their marketing material is built around real life weight loss success and a community of people that feels compelled to show their appreciation.

The truth of the matter is that an ever increasing number of new diet pills that are released are similar – just the same ingredients rebranded and repackaged.

If you were to spend a few minutes on this website you will find we have hundreds of pages reviews over a number of years. It will become apparent that we have our favourites – They are our favourites because these are the products that are extremely easy to recommend, they have not only believability but a transparency that breeds confidence.

Possibly the best example of commercial diet pill that is available to UK customers is Phen375. You may have read before that Phen375 is the legal alternative to Phentermine – while this is completely true it may be time for it to distance its self from Phentermine and forge its own reputation.

One of the biggest benchmarks of success (especially as far as diet pills are concerned) is what its own customers say about it. From its very inception in 2009 Phen375 set out to use real people in testimonials – not just real people borrowed from other products testimonials, this happens all to frequently.

Below are just a selection of real ‘before and after’ photos from Phen375 customers that have been sent to us by Phen375 – they have asked us to print them.

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New Diet Powder

New Diet Powder Methyl Cellulose

Recent media reports are highlighting a new diet powder that is being formulated to help slimmers cut down their food portions significantly.

When introduced to water the diet powder forms a gel and swells to 5 times its original size. Fruit based drinks and soups are the types of foods that work particularly well.

This ultimately leads to appetite control and can help slimmers dramatically reduce their daily calorie intake.

The new diet powder is called Methyl Cellulose – it is not as new as the media would have us believe, it has been around for nearly 50 years. It is primararily used as a food additive that glues together baked goods, snacks and ready meals.

It is a staple substance in some of todaysbest and most popular commercial diet pills with Meratol being arguably the most noteworthy

Normally Methyl Cellulose would be digested and allowed to go straight through the bowel without any effect, but the new powder has been altered from its original state and re-formulated as an appetite suppressant to form a gelatinous mass when it reaches body temperature and stays safely in the gut before passing through the body naturally.

Methyl Cellulose Suppresses Appetite

As pointed out above, Methyl Cellulose in its normal state is is just a binding agent for foodstuff.

It has no alternative function or mechanic or action.

After modification it now has the capacity to control hunger or act as an appetite suppressant, the new reformulated substances has been renamed SATISFIT-LTG.

SATISFIT-LTG is almost colourless powder that turns to a thick gel-like paste when it comes into contact with water and then remaining at room temperature in the stomach.

Appetite suppression is arguably one of the best methods of long terms sustainable weight loss

Clinical studies have proved that subjects who used SATISFIT-LTG took on 17% less calories than subjects who did not.



How Did Binky Lose Weight

What Diet Pills Did Binky Use

The press have been circulating stories of yet another celebrity weight loss story. This time its the turn of Made In Chelsea starlet Alexandra Felstead, AKA Binky.

The Sun newspaper have called her weight loss regime the ‘worlds most expensive diet‘ as the proposed culmination of her New Year Detox programme is said to cost in excess of of £5,000 – all this in an attempt to lose just half a stone.

A large part of her weight loss detox regime will be spent on personal trainers, dieticians and fitness coaches – the programme is targeted to last a month.

Binky has admitted to participating in over indulgence recently and plans to cut back on fatty foods and booze. Her tailored diet is said be costing a whopping £150 per day – and has been christened the Posh Cleanse Diet.

“It’s helped shrink my stretched Christmas stomach; I’ve been eating less because I’m not craving so often.” – Binky on Fullfast

What Diet Pills Did Binky Use

Rumours are also abound that Binky employed the use of diet pills in conjunction with her elaborate weight loss plan – the rumours appear to be half true as Binky has attributed a large part of her diet success to an appetite suppressant called Fullfast.

Fullfast is not a diet pill as such but an appetite suppressing oral spray that contains Griffonia, a source of Serotonin that controls the feeling of being full.

This the second time in recent months that Fullfast has featured in media – The Daily Mail ran an article recently entitled “the new natural spray that tackles food craving”.

In addition to Griffonia the formula also contains Klamath Algae, that has a positive physiological effects on mood – plus another ingredient called Guarana, a stimulant which is twice as powerful as caffeine.

Recent study has shown that guarana could affect how quickly the body perceives itself to be full, which in turns helps to control appetite and maintains an ideal body weight.

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