Acai and Detox Weight Loss And Cleanse

Acai And Detox Plus Combo Pack

The Acai Plus Combo Pack brings together the best of both worlds – a powerful colon cleanser (DetoxPlus+) that helps to cleanse and detox your body removing harmful toxins whilst easing bloating and constipation and an effective, natural Acai Berry supplement (AcaiPlus+) that provides an effective slimming aid for your weight loss efforts.

DetoxPlus+ has been formulated to target the colon, liver and intestines resulting in a deep digestive and cellular cleanse.

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The natural ingredients help to remove the increasing number of toxins we accumulate through the processed foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis.

“Acai Is The Number One Superfood”

By taking DetoxPlus you can flush out these toxins, purify your body and reduce discomfort caused by poor digestive health.

AcaiPlus+ then provides the ability to help you effectively lose weight. Containing Acai Berry (a popular detoxing superfruit), Green Tea (which works as an effective fat burner), Guarana Seed (2.5 times stronger than caffeine and gives you a BIG energy boost) and Chromium polynicotinate (clinically proven to help fight the cravings for carbohydrates).

AcaiPlus+ provides a natural top rated weight loss product that customers are extremely impressed with.

Combined together in the Acai Plus Combo Pack and costing just £49.95 (a marginal saving compared to purchasing each product individually), the Acai Plus Combo Pack provides a 2 month course that will help you feel better and shed those unwanted pounds.

“been taking this colon cleanse for last 3 weeks nearly finished the course, more energy and much brighter! weight loss at 7lbs so far very pleased thank u xx”

Where To Buy Acai And Detox Plus

Available from the Evolution Slimming website and supported by a 30 day money back guarantee, previous consumers who bought this combo pack have provided glowing testimonials as to its effectiveness – 1 customer lost 11lbs in just 2 weeks!

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Acai Berry Extreme

Acai Berry Extreme Review

There are several dozen “acai berry diet pills” on the market – most look incredibly identical.

Where the good product can be identified from the no so good it when the ingredient list is drilled into a bit further.

We have mentioned in the past on other acai product reviews the importance of only buying FREEZE DRIED acai – we cannot stress this enough.

Buying an acai product that is not freeze dried is a waste of money as it is unlikely to provide any benefit at all.

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When the Acai is harvested it starts to die – if the acai is not freeze dried quickly it will lose all of its weight loss, detox and anti oxidant potential.

the good new as far as Acai Berry Extreme is concerned is that it does contain freeze dried acai – where Acai Berry Extreme lets itself down a little is the fact that several other ingredients are included that somewhat lessen its potency.

What Does Acai Berry Extreme Contain

As well as the pulp form the acai berry it contains the following ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

Where To Buy Acai Berry Extreme

Currently available to buy the official website and some high street stores.

Is Acai Berry Extreme Recommended

The product does contain legitimate acai berry pulp and is a credible product but for a similar price point Acai Plus is the better option as it contains the highest strength dosage per capsule available to a UK consumer.

Acai Plus has been featured in the Sunday Express

Acai Plus is also combined with Detox Plus – the UK;s best selling colon cleanser.

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BioFirm Danish Detox Plan

BioFirm Danish Detox Plan Review

Biofirm Danish Detox Plan from BootsBiofirm Danish Detox Plan is just one of the diet product sold in store at Boots and via their official website.

The product is advertised as a plan but in essence it is a supplement that is is based on a herbal formulation successfully used in Denmark for over a decade.

It is a gentle diet product containing herbs which naturally supports the body’s own internal processes of cleansing and detoxing.

How Does Danish Detox Work

The manufacturers (New Nordic) have produced through research and development a unique form of Pectin.

Pectin is a vital ingredient that ensures that there is a good supply of nutrients transported to the skin and helps to reduce the waste and fluid stored between the cells in the tissues.

Cellulite reduction also occurs and at the same time strengthens the connective tissue.

It is recommended that 2 tablets taken three times a day with water is the preferred dosage so that the BioFirm formula cleanses the body, firms the skin and tones the system.

Steps To Take While On A Detox Diet

  • Cut down or eliminate alcohol, caffeine, white bread, confectionery, sugar, red meat and some fatty foods.
  • Eat more whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Introduce a basic exercise routine to stimulate circulation, respiration and the movement of toxins out of your body.

To remain at peak condition and to maintain healthy firm body and beautiful skin we should detox at least twice a year.

Where To Buy Danish Detox Plan

Boots detox plansSold at the Boots the Chemists both in the high street and via their website.

Alternative Detox Products

Acai Berry – regarded as the no.1 superfood.
Acai provides the following health benefits

  • Lose weight quickly (1-5lbs/week)
  • Raise your metabolism
  • Fight fatigue, tiredness and increase energy
  • Remove harmful toxins from your body
  • Step up your vitamin and mineral intake

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