Proactol Diet Pill Tester Job

Get Paid To Take Proactol

Proactol are offering a great job to one lucky individual – a chance to test their diet pill for a full year and get paid handsomely in return.

The story has broken in the UK national press and has been featured in newspapers such as the Mirror, the Sun, the Mail and the Telegraph.

The Mail are calling the position “ideal for Homer Simpson.”

The Proactol job application is being advertised in Job Centres across Britain.

The successful applicant will receive around £24k per year in return for agreeing to take on and extra 400 calories per day. The only other requirement in place is that the employee does not currently follow a diet plan, programme or use any other slimming product.

“We are willing to pay you £24,000 a year to continue doing your normal daily routine, and all we ask in return is that you eat 16 per cent more calories a week  –  or 400 more calories a day  –  whilst Proactol diet pills as recommended”

What Is Proactol And How Does It Work

Proactol Is a completely natural product that can prevent fat absorption approximately 27% of fat content from food consumed) This unabsorbed fat does not get digested by your stomach and leaves  your body naturally via bowel movements.

Proactol does not cause side effects and is classed as Medical Device Type 1

Read Proactol Review

The successful applicant will be monitored throughout the year to gauge its success.

This is an incredibly brave move by Proactol because if the experiment is not a success the fact that it failed will create an even bigger news story.

Will The Proactol Experiment Work

Proactol does have a proven track record was voted best slimming pill of 2008 and 2009 in a poll undertaken by the Telegraph. Successful dieters were asked to list various weight loss methods and product brands that helped them achieve their weight loss goals.

If there is one product that this kind of experiment could prove a success – its Proactol.

Why Not try the experiment for yourself …

Proactol is available to buy direct from their official site. If you want to try Proactol for yourself there is an eVoucher code that will entitle a 15% discount from 4 months packages and above.

Use CEBPR1 (type in at checkout)

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Zotrim Free Trial

Free Trial Of Zotrim

Zotrim Free Trial samples UKThe message from Zotrim is lose weight the natural way – now you can for two weeks free.

Zotrim is one of the most familiar diet pill products to UK consumers, sold via the high street in larger chains of Boots the chemist and Superdrug, they have almost a decade of history under their belt.

Until now they have resisted the temptation of promotional offers and free samples give aways. the introduction of two new rival products, namely Alli and Appesat seems to to have spurred Zotrim into action.

What Is Zotrim And How Does Aid Weight Loss

A natural and herbal slimming aid that is designed to reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite before, during and after a meal and also providing an increase in energy levels giving the dieter extra incentive to burn calories.

The principle that Zotrim try to instill is less calories in and more calories out.

Is It Effective

Zotrin has 8 independent documents existing dating back to 2001 with The British Food Journal and Kings College London among the authors that vouch for its efficacy.

Zotrim Free Samples

Free Zotrim SamplesIf you would like to participate in the free trial and receive a 2 week free Zotrim Sample. Visit the official website and sign up.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and only one free sample per household.



Free Hoodia Diet Pills

Free Hoodia Samples – Try Before You Buy

Free Hoodia diet capsules samplesUK Hoodia specialist PureSlim are offering a FREE trial of their award winning hoodia capsule Pure Hoodia.

The free sample offer will enable you try to trial Hoodia for one week and experience the appetite suppressing benefits for yourself without having to purchase a full month supply.

Hoodia is one of  the most effective natural appetite suppressants in existence – but Hoodia does not work for everyone. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 people are immune to the effect.

If you are one of the unlucky ones then you will have only wasted the cost of delivery

So not to dwell on the potential negatives, assuming that your system will allow the natural appetite suppressing qualities of Hoodia – what can you expect.

What Can Pure Hoodia Do For You

Pure Hoodia before and after success storiesTaking Hoodia Gordonii when you feel hungry can alleviate the feeling of hunger and so make you less likely to overeat or snack between meals.

Taking Hoodia Gordonii before a meal, even a small meal can leave you feeling more satisfied (full), which encourages you to eat smaller meals. This effect can have a significant effect of your overall daily calorie consumption.


Pure Hoodia capsules have been available for just over a decade and have produced countless slimming success stories and has been featured in numerous media publications.

The Hoodia used in production is raw powder, carries the required CITES certificate and is not diluted with artificial additives or filler ingredients.