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Alli Orlistat

Alli Diet PillsThe most discussed and popular diet pill currently available to buy over the counter. Alli is based on Xenical the strong fat blocker than can prevent over a quarter of fat from being digested by your stomach.

Alli went on sale in the spring of 2009 and quickly sold out on the first day of release.

The greatest fact about Alli™ is that it is clinically proven to help you lose 1lb of weight for every 2lb you lose… thus increasing your weight loss by a amazing 50%!

Alli is available to buy as either a 42 pack (approx £19.00) or as an 84 pack (approx £34.00)


Melinda Messanger LipobindQuite possibly the best selling selling diet pill in the UK. Lipobind has been available to buy for several years and has been responsible for countless slimming success stories.

Lipobind is a fat binder and works in a similar fashion to Alli.

Celebrities such as former Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin, TV personality Katie Hill and model Melinda Messenger have all lost weight with Lipobind.

Lipobind can purchased for as little as £12.45 per packet.

More about Lipobind


Vanessa Feltz AppesatThe clinically proven appetite suppressant made from seaweed that reduce the feelings of hunger and dramatically cut down your daily calorie consumption.

Appesat is made from all natural ingredients.

TV presenter Vannesa Feltz has found success with Appesat. Appesat cost around £17.00 per packet

More about Appesat

Other high profile diet product brands include:

  • Adios
  • Proactol
  • Unique Hoodia
  • Sliver Slimming
  • Dietrine
  • SlimShot

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Appesat Celebrity Testimonial

Vanessa Feltz And Her Appesat Weight Loss Success

Appesat and Vanessa FeltzThe celebrity weight loss story is a major coup for any diet pill manufacturer.

Appesat seems to have pulled off a pretty big one with the enrollment of Vanessa Feltz.

The usual occurrence is to employ the assistance of a well know personality who is in no obvious need of attention in the weight loss department and spin a story.

Without wishing be overly unkind toVanessa Feltz – her weight loss success is something that needed to happen.

Vanessa Drops Four Dress Sizes

Appesat Slimming Success Story involving Vanessa FeltzIn March of this year (2009) Vanessa tipped the scales at 15st 5lb and was shopping for something in a size 18.

Four months on and some one and a half stones lighter – something in a size 14 is more suitable.

Vanessa attributes her weight loss success to the use of Appesat, the new diet pill made from (of all things) seaweed and available to buy over the counter.

“I’ve shied away from slimming products in the past but as Appesat is completely natural I thought I would give it a go. There are no nasty side effects, the tablets are easy to swallow and it doesn’t effect  your metabolism, it just helps you control your appetite and reduce the amount you eat without feeling hungry.

Appesat The Seaweed Diet Pill

Without wishing to rain on Appesat’s parade, a little bit of balance is required before you go rushing to the high street.

At present, Appesat has some pretty compelling evidence to suggest it is one of the better diet products but it is not completely without concern from a safety aspect.

Read the Appesat Review


Appesat – Seaweed Diet Pills Now Available To Buy

Appesat – Diet Pills With Seaweed

Appesat the seaweed diet pill that expands in the stomachAppesat is latest appetite suppressant to enter the over the counter diet pill market.

The British media have given an awful lot of publicity to diet pills of late and in particular Appesat – largely due to the unique headline “New Seaweed Diet Pill

The term “new” is not strictly speaking correct as Appesat has been available to buy direct from the manufacturer GoldShield for since mid 2008.

It does warrant UK press coverage as it is now available to buy in major retail outlets such as Boots, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Sainsburys.

The huge marketing fund available to Appesat are sure make the manufacturers a lot of money.

What Is The Seaweed Diet Pill

Coined the Seaweed Diet Pill, Appesat is just basically an appetite suppressant that reduced hunger and the need to snack by creating a sensation of fullness coupled with the formula expanding in the stomach to cause a gastric band effect.

whether the a diet pill that causes a gastric band effect is proven in terms of safety and possible repercussion via side effects is another matter.

The manufacturers do claim that Appesat is clinically proven but health experts within the diet industry are less convinced…. by suggesting “There is very limited and poor evidence supporting it”

Where To Buy Appesat

Buy Cheap AppesatBoots the Chemist, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Sainsburys are all authorised stockist but direct purchases can be made via the official website

Appesat is available to buy for £17.49 for 50 capsules.

Appesat Alternatives

The natural appetite suppressant market has pretty much been ruled by Hoodia Gordonii for almost a decade – and not without good reason.

Raw Hoodia powder is accepted as being the most effective natural suppressant in existence and without any ill effect.

Hoodia does not cause any gastric band effect in the stomach – preferring to suppress appetite through natural sensor inhibition process in the brain.

Hoodia is described as providing the will power that most dieters often lack to succeed.