HoodiBurn Hoodia

HoodiBurn Hoodia Capsules Review

HoodiBuen diet pillsHoodia, if you may or may not know, is the most effective form of natural appetite suppression.

There are more “Hoodia” branded products in the commercial diet pill world than any other ingredient.

The problem with Hoodia is that an alarmingly high number of Hoodia diet pills do not contain genuine raw powder, preferring to use the cheaper and largely ineffective Hoodia extract.

HoodiBurn unfortunately chooses to use extract instead of powder within its formula.

What Is HoodiBurn

Another disappointed is the fact that HoodiBurn chooses to completely disregard the whole ethos of Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia is best used in its pure and undiluted form, the ingredient list indicates anything but.

HoodiBurn Ingredients

  • Hoodia 800mg
  • Papaya Leaf 65mg
  • Grean Tea Extract 50mg
  • Garcinia 30mg
  • Chlorella 30mg
  • Spirulina 30mg
  • Astrgalus 25mg
  • Codinopsis 25mg
  • Ch De Bugre 100mg
  • Bitter Orange 10mg

So poles apart it would seem for the message that originally transpired from South Africa when Hoodia was first thrust under the media spot light.

The official HoodiBurn claims authenticity and displayed a CITES Certificate – but the details that really count and should be shown as proof are censored.

HoodiBurn Side Effect

There does not appear enough of anyone ingredient to any concern from a health or side effect perspective.

Where To Buy HoodiBurn

The official website seem to be the most likely outlet.

Is HoodiBurn Worth Trying

Not recommended, extract is the poor relation to Hoodia powder products – extract is cheaper but at what cost, certainly not any weight loss.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Hoodia is an exceptional appetite suppressant but from a weight loss perpective not in the same league as some of the powerhouse diet products that are currently available

Capsiplex, Phen375 and Proactol Plus are currently considered to be the big three. For a guide to selecting the most effective diet pill …

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Perfect Hoodia Review

Is Perfect Hoodia … Perfect Hoodia

Perfect Hoodia review of perfect hoodia diet pillsAt first glance Perfect Hoodia does appear to live up to its brand name.

It has ticks in a majority of the required boxes, it is produced from a reputable source but it does have one major flaw!

There is not an awful lot more that we, or indeed anyone else for that matter, can devote column inches to the subject and concept of Hoodia Gordonni that hasn’t been written before.

Hoodia Gordonii is possibly the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence.

It has had more clinical trials, more scientific study and more debate than any other appetite suppressing substance – and probably always will.

Perfect Hoodia Analysed

It is estimated that 80% of Hoodia branded diet pills do not fulfill all criteria necessary to be classed as genuine Hoodia.

Perfect Hoodia is pretty damn close – but unfortunately, no cigar!

These are the points to check before purchasing a Hoodia diet pill – even from health stores such as Holland & Barrett.

  • The most important factor is the type of “Hoodia” used – raw powder is authentic and contains the appetite suppressing qualities, whereas “extract” is cheap to mass produce, diluted and largely ineffective.
  • Is the powder sourced from South Africa – genuine produce is derived from the Kalahari region of South Africa
  • Does the product contain a CITES, CoA and an Organics Annex certificate to prove its authenticity, independent laboratory report and origin.
  • Does each capsule contain between 400mg and 460mg of the substance – a standard sized capsule can hold up to 460mg of the denser raw powder but over 100mg of the cheaper, finer extract.
  • Lastly, does each capsule contain just hoodia powder – without the inclusion of any filler ingredients.

Unfortnately, Perfect Hoodia fails at the hurdle.

“Non-active ingredients required for manufacture: Cellulose; Magnesium Stearate; Silica and Gelatin Capsule”

Magnesium Strearate is classic filler ingredient that manufacturers use to bulk each capsule – so not filling each capsule to capacity with the raw powdered Hoodia.

Perfect Hoodia Conclusion

Not exactly perfect Hoodia

Looking Elsewhere – Other Hoodia Diet Pills To Consider

Is your hoodia genuineIf you are considering purchasing a Hoodia diet product from either the high street or the internet ensure that you buy only genuine products that does not contain any filler ingredients.

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Hoodia Stock Levels Running Low

Hoodia Is Fast Becoming Extinct

Hoodia plant grows in South AFricaYou may be familiar with Hoodia Gordonii and its appetite suppressing qualities – but you may not realise is that Hoodia Gordonii is in danger of becoming extinct.

Hoodia is plant that grows in the desert like plains of the Kalahari, South Africa – it has survived and flourished for thousands of years.

Its only predator up until a decade ago was the indigenous population, the San Tribes people, who would eat parts of the plant to suppress and reduce their hunger while food supply was scarce.

Word soon got out, thanks largely to the worlds media and Hoodia diet products started being produced in their abundance.

Hoodia was introduced to western world with headlines such as “Obesity Cure Found In Africa” and “The Miracle Weight Loss Plant

The Kalahari nomads uses their Hoodia to stop the sensation of hunger because there is a short supply of food – whereas the western world uses their Hoodia to help resist the temptation of over eating because food is in abundance. How ironic!

Genuine Hoodia Is CITES Certified

The Hoodia plant is now a protected species (protected by the CITES) and is grown and harvested under strict guidelines – the problem is demand is now exceeding supply! How much longer will this wonderful pants with is huge benefits to dieters and their weight loss ambitions be around?

A little know fact surrounding the whole Hoodia concept is that the active ingredient which suppresses your appetite is ONLY in the CORE of the plant meaning 60% of the harvest is not used. It is only the 40% , the raw powder, that is encapsulated and used in the diet pill industry – or at least supposed to be!

Hoodia Diet Pills, Capsules And Weight Loss

Hoow powder capsulesMany of the Hoodia brands you will have no doubt come across most probably do not contain the raw powder or have been diluted with filler ingredients such as magnesium stearate or other synthetic compounds.

The next 10 years are crucial for  the survival of this plant – from plantation to harvest takes around 4 years. Will Hoodia still be around a decade from now.

The pharamaceutical giants are trying to produce an artificial replica – it is highly likely that they have already done so and may sitting on the shelves already. How this sits with the natural and herbal concept is another argument.

If you wish to try Hoodia for yourself please bear in mind that Hoodia does not work for everyone – 10% of the entire worlds population are immune to the appetite suppressing effect.

There are a handful of independent suppliers that have identified the potential shortage of Hoodia supply in the coming years and have reduced the number of bottles per person per purchase to try to prolong it existence.

Pure Hoodia continue to use the raw powder product and have not yet succumbed to the tactic used by many suppliers who have chosen to include a fat burning or stimulant additive (thus using less Hoodia per capsule.)

Pure Hoodia includes 400mg of raw powder in each and every capsule – the powder used is CITES Certified and grown in CGMP Approved manufacturing facilities.